Ali Larter and Beyonce Beat the Bitch Out in ‘Obsessed’

If there is one thing that I can say that will prepare you for the trailer below, which is for the upcoming Beyonce-driven drama Obsessed, it is that Ali Larter is one hot white woman. Hot enough to get Idris Elba, an otherwise solid actor, into this Lifetime television-esque film about a woman who preys on her married boss. Little does this woman (Larter) know, but her boss’ wife (Beyonce) is also a crazy bitch. It all results in some sort of bitchtastic smackdown the likes of which we usually only get from Girl Fights Vol. 2.

With an April 24, 2009 release date it is likely that Obsessed will be going by the wayside with Hugh Jackman’s 2008 sex thriller Deception. And while a good Ali Larter nude scene could draw my immature self into theaters, it is unlikely — this one has been tagged with a PG-13 rating. Such a disappointment. See the trailer below, which premiered on Entertainment Tonight last night.

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