Alex Pettyfer Continues Hyping Himself for ‘The Hunger Games’

The Internet can get kind of obsessive when it comes to its young adult action/adventure novels. The Hunger Games is the latest severely popular book series about young people facing grave peril while forming tumultuous love triangles that is in pre-production for a film adaptation, and speculation about the casting has been running wild. To this point, most of the talk has been about who would play the lead character Katniss Everdeen. We’ve reported that Hailee Steinfeld is one of the front-runners for the role. In addition to Steinfeld, the most oft mentioned young actresses that keep getting drug through the rumor mill seem to be Chloe Moretz and, most recently, Jennifer Lawrence. While debate over who is likely and who would be best rages over the Katniss casting, some talk about the male lead has started up as well.

The Playlist talked with Alex Pettyfer, and he confirmed that he is being courted to possibly join the Gary Ross directed film. While he has been sent a script, Pettyfer says that he has yet to read it. You might recognize Pettyfer, as he’s a ridiculously dreamy young guy, he’s had two big films released in the last couple weeks, and he is probably poised to be young Hollywood’s next it boy. His two recent releases were the super-heroic I Am Number Four and the super-pathetic Beastly. That’s one marketed toward the boys and one toward the girls. All he probably needs is one high profile role to really break out and take the town by storm. Signing on to something with such a large and rabid built-in audience like The Hunger Games just might be the break that could do it.

Speculation seems to be that Pettyfer would be reading for the male lead Peeta Mellark, the boy that Katniss becomes romantically entangled with as they fight through the deadly Hunger Games. Having seen Pettyfer in I Am Number Four, and having read “The Hunger Games”, I would speculate otherwise. Pettyfer is a lithe, sultry type of actor. The character of Peeta is more the big lump with a heart of gold. I would think that Pettyfer would be better suited to play the role of Gale Hawthorne, Katniss’ resourceful hunting partner back home, and the other corner in the story’s love triangle. Gale doesn’t get so much to do in the first book, but he becomes more important as the story progresses.

What do the fans of the books out there think? Would you be okay with Pettyfer joining the cast of this film, or is his possible casting an abomination that can’t be suffered? If he were to join the film, which role would you see him playing? The debate starts now, and it will be to the death.

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