Alan Moore Wants Something Done Right, Debuts Teaser for His Own ‘Jimmy’s End’

Alan Moore is the Rasputin-like madman behind some of the comic industry’s most critically acclaimed graphic novels. Many of them have been adapted into feature films, and without fail Moore has condemned them as bastardizations of his creations. From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta, Watchmen…all shite movies according to the man. (Granted, he was right on one of those occasions.)

So how do you combat an industry that continually messes with your work? By eliminating the middle man and making the films yourself of course.

To that end Moore has joined forces with Mitch Jenkins to create a series of short films. Moore writes them, Jenkins films them, and presumably everybody’s happy in the end. The first of their collaborations is called Jimmy’s End and will be hitting the web at the end of the month.

Check out the first teaser below.

Moore’s narration makes it difficult to judge the actual finished product, but visually at least it looks to be more than a little compelling. Per Bleeding Cool, the film will run thirty minutes and will be part of a larger overall project called The Show. Additional shorts will follow, each telling their own story while working together to form a more complete tale. This specific story concerns a London-based writer/occultist attempting to take control of other people’s dreams. What role that plays in the larger storyline is unclear.

Visually speaking the short looks to have a David Lynch-like style to it, circa Twin Peaks, and if that holds true it should make for some wonderfully creepy and occasionally surreal fun.

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