Alan Horn Guesses That Green Latern is Next for WB

Green Lantern Concept Art

Our good friend Frosty over at Collider, complete with his kung fu action interviewer grip, got a chance to latch on to Warner Bros. Chief Alan Horn at this week’s premiere of the new Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man. And instead of asking him the question we all want answered — which is whether Yes Man 2 is already in development or not — he asked him about Batman and Superman movies. First up was the ever-popular topic of another Batman movie, to which Horn responded by saying that they are waiting on Christopher Nolan. As well, he made it clear that both the studio and the fans expect that when another Batman flick does happen that it is done right. This obviously won’t stop the onslaught of rumors from circulating around the web, but it does confirm what those of us who’ve been genuinely paying attention already know — when it comes to the sequel to The Dark Knight, we aren’t going to have anything concrete for a long time.

On to other superhero movies, Horn did guesstimate that The Green Lantern would go next, even before another Superman movie. This lines up with recent news from outlets in both Sidney, Australia and Victoria, British Columbia that Warner Bros. location scouts have been snooping around their respective towns. The last time we checked in with this project, writer/director Greg Berlanti and scribes Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim had just finished up their third draft of the script; a script that reportedly includes some sort of Clark Kent cameo (according to an MTV interview.) Horn was reluctant to give any hard details about Green Lantern or any other property though, even going as far as to “guess” that Green Lantern will probably be next. We guess that he’s probably right, seeing as he is the boss and all.

For more from the Collider interview, check out the complete video below.

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