After the Credits Podcast: ‘Annihilation’


This week on After the Credits, Matthew and guest Kristen Lopez talk all things Oscar Isaac. Oh, and also ‘Annihilation’ or whatever.

Think you’ve got what it takes to talk Alex Garland and hard sci-fi? Then step into the Shimmer with freelance film critic Kristen Lopez! This week on After the Credits, Matthew and Kristen talk about Alex Garland’s oft-discussed Kubrickian nightmare, Annihilation. Does the movie live up to the books? Will audiences ever learn to fully appreciate Jennifer Jason Leigh? And why, exactly, is Gina Rodriguez’s side-cut the solution to world peace?

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Matthew Monagle :Matthew is a feature writer for Film School Rejects and a freelance film critic at the Austin Chronicle. His writing can be found at /Film,, Playboy, and more.