After the Blackout: David Chase Signs Movie Deal

Sopranos Creator David Chase

For those of you who thought the ambiguous ending to the “Sopranos” series finale was an indicator that creator David Chase was just milking for a Jersey mafia movie deal, you were wrong then and you’re wrong now. Well, half wrong. Variety reports that Chase just inked a deal with Paramount to write, produce and direct his first feature.

The details of the plot were not revealed (other than the fact that the film won’t portray Tony Soprano or any of his cohorts), and Variety reports that Chase most likely will “take his time in delivering his script.”

Hmm, that sounds familiar. For years, Chase tortured Soprano fans by taking huge breaks between seasons (beginning with season 4). This had partially to do with careful writing and also to do with cast contract negotiations. And, if you remember correctly, Chase wanted to end this series pretty early, but HBO kept throwing money his way to keep it on, so he had to go back to the drawing board. I still blame the suits at HBO for the Furio/Carmela debacle and the tacked-on yet ultimately pointless Tony Blundetto character (portrayed by Steve Buscemi).

That being said, Chase is a tremendous and thoughtful story-teller and it’ll be interesting to see how a mind that was molded by television (Chase also produced and wrote for “The Rockford Files” and “Northern Exposure”) adapts to the two-hour world of motion pictures. Is he the next J.J. Abrams/Judd Apatow?

But, if you’re still hoping for that “Sopranos” movie, fuhgettabowtit.

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