AFI FEST 2011: Clear Your Schedule for 22 Festival Favorites

By  · Published on November 2nd, 2011

If you’ve been paying as much attention to the lineup for this year’s AFI FEST as the rest of us Rejects (read: quite a bit), you’ve surely noticed that the festival’s programming is packed with a number of films that have played some of the year’s biggest festivals. If you’re in Southern California, the Hollywood-based (and free) film festival will give you a chance to check out the same films that played at Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, Venice, New York, Fantastic Fest, Sundance, London, and more. It’s like traveling without leaving your own area code, or spending the cold, hard cash it would take to fly halfway around the world. Sounds pretty simple now, huh, shut-in?

AFI FEST will run from November 3rd through the 10th in Hollywood, with all screenings taking place at The Chinese, the Chinese 6 Theatres, and the Egyptian Theatre. Tickets for all screenings are free (and available right HERE). The complete schedule grid is online for the festival, which you can check out HERE.

After the break, check out 22 festival favorites (and a sampling of some of the other festivals they’ve played) that you may have missed throughout the year. Not sure if they’re worthy of clearing your AFI FEST schedule for? I’ve linked to all of our previous coverage, too, so you really have no excuse.

THE ARTIST has played at Cannes, the Hamptons International Film Festival, the Hollywood Film Festival, and the New York Film Festival. Check out Jack’s glowing NYFF review for the film HERE.

ALPS has played at Venice and Toronto.

CARNAGE has played at Venice and New York.

SHAME has played at Venice, London, Toronto, the Austin Film Festival, and the BFI London Film Festival.

ATTENBERG has played at Venice, SXSW, the Philadelphia Film Festival, and the Sydney Film Festival.

BONSAI has played at Toronto, the Raindance Film Festival, and the Chicago International Film Festival.

BULLHEAD has played at Fantastic Fest, the Fantasia Film Festival, and the Vancouver International Film Festival. Check out Luke’s Fantastic Fest review HERE, in which he calls the film “damn near a masterpiece.”

BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW has played at Fantastic Fest, Tribeca, and Philadelphia.

CARRE BLANC has played at Toronto and Fantastic Fest.

DRAGONSLAYER has played at SXSW and BFI London. Our own Brian Salisbury dedicated a special Junkfood Cinema to it back during SXSW time, which you can read HERE.

EXTRATERRESTRIAL has played Toronto and Fantastic Fest.

GREEN has played SXSW, the Maryland Film Festival, and the Starz Denver Film Festival.

HEADHUNTERS has played at Toronto, Fantastic Fest, and London. Our own Dr. Abaius saw it at FF and reviewed it approximately five minutes after Summit picked it up for a remake. Enjoy his original review HERE.

I MELT WITH YOU has played at Sundance and Austin.

KILL LIST has played at Toronto and SXSW. Want a review? Yeah, we’ve got one from the illustrious Rob Hunter. Read it HERE.

THE KID WITH A BIKE has played at Cannes and the Telluride Film Festival.

MISS BALA has played at Cannes, New York, London, and Philadelphia.

MELANCHOLIA has played at Cannes, New York, and Fantastic Fest. Don’t be sad – Jack reviewed it at New York HERE. What? You’re still feeling a little bit depressed? Fine, Dr. Abaius reviewed it for Fantastic Fest HERE. Why are you still frowning? Simon reviewed it at Cannes, too! Read that one HERE and pull yourself together.

MICHAEL has played at Cannes and Fantastic Fest. No need to lock yourself in the basement, Simon reviewed it at Cannes HERE, and Dr. Abaius followed with his own Fantastic Fest review HERE.

SNOWTOWN has played at Cannes and London.

THE TURIN HORSE has played at Berlin, Philadelphia, and New York.

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN has played at Cannes and Telluride.