Adult Swim Created ‘Black Dynamite’ Cartoon Before It Walked in the Room

Remember 2009? Of course you do. It was full of some really good films that have continued to grow their audience in the last two years. But none of them seemed quite as cult heavy as the blaxsploitation throw back, Black Dynamite. The film is everything a good cinefile appreciates about the sixties and seventies.

Now I know what your thinking, “the sequel is coming?! Yes!” Sadly it isn’t that. Instead I have better news. What would you do if I said that very soon you’ll be able to receive a weekly dose of Black Dynamite in television form? That’s the question Cartoon Network is asking because /Film reported today that the network has officially picked up an animated series based on the film.

The series will be directed by Carl Jones of Boondocks fame and will feature the vocal talents of the cast of the film including, Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Kym Whitley and Byron Minns.

The series is set to begin in early 2012 on Adult Swim.

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