Adrianne Palicki is David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman

About three weeks ago we got wind that NBC had decided pick up David E. Kelley’s pilot script for a new Wonder Woman television series. Much speculation since then has been heard on who the director might be and who will actually run the series, but little has been heard on the casting front. Well it looks like we won’t have to wonder at all because NBC has already cast the shows lead.

Wonder Woman will be played by Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki, according to Deadline. Palicki’s latest TV role was in the very short lives Lone Star over at FOX. Since then, the only thing she’s been in is a single episode of Criminal Minds. Before that she had a sort of leading role in the 2010 film Legion as the pregnant waitress, Charlie. So beyond Friday Night Lights, this will be her first starring role.

I think this is a really interesting, but risky move by NBC. My guess is that the network is trying to go for the Superman feel by casting a virtual unknown, at least by name. Instead, they’ll most likely put the name dropping behind Kelley in the ad campaign when it begins. Hopefully this choice means the network is casting on quality, rather than a high profile name they can put on a TV spot.

However, Palicki’s casting is a little suspicious when the fact that she was the only person invited in to test for the role is taken into account. Maybe there is a completely unknown talent out there that would of been perfect for the role. But I guess it doesn’t matter at this point, the role is hers.

For those unaware, Kelley’s vision for the character according to Deadline is as follows, “Wonder Woman/Diana Prince is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.” The pilot will be directed by Jeff Reiner who also headed the pilot for Friday Night Lights. Kelley will serve as executive producer for the time being.

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