‘Admission’ Trailer Forces Tina Fey and Paul Rudd Into a Series of Comedy Clichés


‘Admission’ Trailer Forces Tina Fey and Paul Rudd Into a Series of Comedy Clichés

Admission Trailer

How could a modern woman possibly handle becoming a mother when it already takes all of your focus to reach your goals in the professional world? It’s a question that’s been one of the major preoccupations of Tina Fey’s work as an actress, and while there are no easy answers to it, watching Fey struggle is usually fertile grounds for comedy. It will always be true that taking someone who’s generally bumbling and self-centered and forcing a kid upon them ‐ while traumatic for the child ‐ is hilarious for the casual observer. But, by the looks of its new trailer, it seems like Fey’s new starring vehicle, Admission, might be treading on familiar ground one time too many.

The deal here is that Fey’s character gave up a kid when she was in college, and now that said kid is teenaged and attending a hippie school run by Paul Rudd, Rudd has taken it upon himself to reunite mother and son. While Fey is generally incredulous about the idea at first, eventually she finds herself becoming attached to her long lost progeny…and she might even be developing some feelings for that charming and handsome guy who brought them back together.

Sound ridiculous? Yeah, it looks pretty ridiculous too. Somehow, on first glance, this story manages to simultaneously be both convoluted and clichéd. And seeing as this one is coming from Paul Weitz, the director who most recently has been making garbage like Little Fockers and Being Flynn, it’s all rather suspect. Fey and Rudd are two of the most beloved comedic actors working in the business today. Are they really going to waste their first collaboration on a movie that looks as lame as this? Or am I completely off-base here, and does Admission look like it has enough going for it to be a crowd pleaser? Check out the trailer and let your opinion be known.

Admission opens on March 8, 2013. [Yahoo! Movies]

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