Adam McKay: Anchorman 2 is “For sure”!

Hells yeah! Another Anchorman movie!

When I heard this news, I sounded like a Barry White album in my house: “Awwwww yeah…. That’s right…. Give me more, baby…”

Trust me, there’s nothing inappropriate going on here. I’m just all warm and fuzzy right now, secure in the knowledge that Adam McKay has said there will an Anchorman sequel. (Judd Apatow may not have listened to our illustrious Executive Editor Neil Miller’s open letter about this, but maybe McKay has.)

It’s been a rough year or so for Team 4. Ron Burgundy’s doppelganger had a flop with Semi-Pro. Brick Tamland is still recovering from last summer’s all-wet Evan Almighty. Champ Kind is reeling from being tackled at the box office after The Comebacks fumbled. Panther-musked Brian Fantana was haunted by the dreadful Over Her Dead Body in January. And uber-producer Apatow has taken some hits with the lackluster Walk Hard and Drillbit Taylor.

It’s time to go back to the well.

McKay, who helmed the brilliant first film four years ago told that Anchorman 2 is happening “for sure,” unless they can’t get the cast together. However, “They’re dying to do it,” he said.

Of course, the kick in the groin from this story is that McKay anticipates he won’t be ready to return to 1970s San Diego for two more years. He plans on making the “science fiction/Brazil-type comedy” called Channel 3 Billion. Still, at least it’s on the table.

Stay classy, Anchorman fans. And stay patient.


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