Adam Brody, J.K. Simmons Line Up for Jennifer’s Body

It was bound to happen — at some point the production of the upcoming Diablo Cody-scripted Jennifer’s Body, which will star Megan Fox as a demon-posessed cheerleader who terrorizes the boys in her small town, would ultimately have to find more actors. At last note, the count was two — Megan Fox in the lead role and Alpha Dog‘s Amanda Seyfried in the role of the book-smart best friend who is saddled with task of stopping Jennifer’s rampage.

This week, producer Jason Reitman and director Karyn Kusama (Girlfight) picked up to familiar faces for the film, Adam Brody (who previously worked with Reitman on Thank You for Smoking) and J.K. Simmons (who worked on Thank You for Smoking and more recently in Reitman’s Oscar nominated Juno). Brody will play Nikolai, a hot lead singer of an up-and-coming band with a penchant for evil — in that they are the ones responsible for turning Jennifer to the dark side. Simmons will play a high school science teacher.

And while I had previously raved about Diablo Cody’s script for Jennifer’s Body, one that brings the wit and intelligence of Juno to the horror genre, I was still mostly unsure about the cast. Megan Fox’ “break-out” role in last summer’s Transformers was anything but. With Transformers, Fox effectively showed off both her bare midrif and her shallow acting skills. Body offers her the opportunity to right the latter, showing that maybe there is some substance to her immense hotness. The same can be said for Amanda Seyfried, who has been memorable in some of her films (Mean Girls comes to mind), but that doesn’t mean she’s right for the spotlight — although in her defense, she does fit the modern horror flick chick stereotype — giggly, chesty blonde with the constant look of naivity. In that sense, she could be a perfect fit.

As for Brody and Simmons, neither can do much wrong in my book, especially when you put them on a project with Jason Reitman. They are both quickly becoming go-to guys for the Reitman camp, a camp that seems to be gaining steam much like the Apatow clan, only with more serious subject matter. It will be interesting to see how the light-hearted, often cynical tone of Reitman’s films translates into the horror genre. As well, it will be interesting to see how much of Reitman’s stamp ends up on Karyn Kusama’s film. No matter what happens, this should be a project that should be on the top of your watch list, as it oozes potential — at least it does until we find reason to believe otherwise.

Sound Off: How interested are you in Jennifer’s Body? Alright, that sounds a lot naughtier than intended, but feel free to answer anyway…

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