‘Act of Valor’ Featurette Ups the Testosterone Factor With Real Bullets

The upcoming Relativity Media release Act of Valor looks like it could be a pretty balls-out fun time in terms of action film, but I’m sure everyone has some hesitation about one of the film’s biggest selling points: it uses active duty Navy SEALs as the cast. While that sounds badass because it is, it also sounds like a risky gamble since these guys are warriors and not necessarily actors.

That fear may be allayed however, the more we get to see of the film, which looks like it’s going to be a non-stop ass kicking ride of guys killing people and blowing stuff up. When there isn’t much call for acting, only action, can you do any better than hiring real soldiers?

Showing just how vital the use of actual SEALs is to the product, we were sent this featurette which illustrates something very few movies are willing to partake in: the use of live ammunition. On almost any other set, this would be an insurance and logistics nightmare, but when you’re dealing with real Navy SEALs who train with live ammunition and actually blow things up for real, rather than using flashy smoke bombs, all you have to do is point the camera in the right spot and remember to put your flak jacket on.

Check out the footage and see for yourself how awesome practical bullets look on screen.

What can you say other than “wow.” That looks awesome. We Rejects always value practical effects over CGI work, and it doesn’t get more real than real bullets. Just compare the awesome look of the muzzle flash and the utter destruction of the vehicles to the crappy digital blasts of other movies or even the somewhat decent but still lacking blank-firing rounds.

With each little bit I see of Act of Valor I get more and more excited about it. My hesitation over non-actors in acting roles fades with each burst of real bullets tearing through metal and actual Navy SEALs putting their skills on display. Count me in.

Act of Valor is in theaters starting February 24th. Visit the official site here.

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