Aca-Awesome: Universal Plans ‘Pitch Perfect’ Sequel With Original Screenwriter

By  · Published on April 17th, 2013

Of all the news coming out of this year’s CinemaCon, the revelation that Universal Pictures is launching a sequel to their surprise hit Pitch Perfect is the one most worth singing about (it’s just convenient that this pun works so well in this context). Details are scarce on the follow-up, but we do know that the film will arrive sometime in 2015 and that original screenwriter Kay Cannon is set to return to pen this new feature. There is no word on other returning cast or crew (please, please, give us more Rebel “Fat Amy” Wilson).

As Entertainment Weekly reports, the first film was a massive hit for the studio, pulling in $112m at the box office (with just a teensy $17m budget) and going on to “earn over $90 million across all home market platforms…it currently stands as the studio’s third highest-grossing VOD title ever behind blockbusters Ted and Bridesmaids. On top of that, the Pitch Perfect soundtrack has sold over 636,000 copies and spawned a hit single – complete with its own music video – with Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cups.’” Basically, this thing is money, so of course Uni is going to go the sequel route.

With the first film ending on a high note for the Anna Kendrick-led college a cappella group, the Barden Bellas, thanks to their massive Nationals win (and some serious stage-setting for their next year with a glimpse of some auditions), there’s nowhere to go but up. Is there a worldwide a cappella competition for them to win next? No? Just invent one.

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