‘About Time’ International Trailer: Bill Nighy Teaches the Birds and the Bees (and also Time Travel)

About Time

What if your dad said that you could travel through time? Would you believe him? Would you be hesitant? Would you have him hauled away to a mental institution?

About Time shoots for the middle ground between those first two, and builds a very Groundhog Day-esque romantic comedy on the idea that time travel is in fact a real thing. Watch a new international trailer for the film below (although be advised there’s a smidgeon of salty language in there).

About Time does look frighteningly similar to Groundhog Day, but it’s hard to hold it at fault when the trailer is this charming. For one, this trailer feels distinctly un-trailer-y (and that’s a good thing). For a romantic comedy, one expects all sorts of schmaltz, overbearing narration and bad music. This trailer plays it simple and clean. Set up a scene, establish time travel, then repeat scene with the addition of time travel. Nothing more, nothing less. Our romantic comedy expectations also get a little bit of a twist, as our hero (Domhnall Gleeson) fumbles his words just as disastrously the second time around.

The phrase ‘romantic comedy’ tends to evoke thoughts of teeth-grinding, sugarcoated boredom, but About Time actually looks like it might be the film to buck that trend. As the film comes from writer/director Richard Curtis — who became famous for romcoms like Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill — that’s not entirely surprising.

About Time releases November 1, 2013 and stars Gleeson as well as Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy and Tom Hollander.

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