Abigail Breslin Will Make a Sex Pact in ‘A Virgin Mary’

Despite many naysayers, including myself, thinking that Abigail Breslin would be a flash in the pan after breaking out as a child actor in the indie dark comedy Little Miss Sunshine, the now teenage actress has maintained a steady course for her career and proved all the Negative Nancies wrong. As is always the case in situations like this, I couldn’t be happier to be made to look like a fool. Just before the release of her abandoned daughter drama Janie Jones, and fresh off the heels of signing onto a crime pic called The Class Project, Breslin has now agreed to also star in a new teen comedy called A Virgin Mary.

Why is this newsworthy? Well in addition to having the talents of a now proven young actress in Abigail Breslin, A Virgin Mary is also a teen comedy that is being described as “a coming of age story in the tradition of Sixteen Candles.” I know that there are a lot of people out there who still have a strong love for the work of John Hughes, and Sixteen Candles in particular, so I view that as a refreshing way to hear a teen comedy touting itself in the current climate of glossy, shallow movies aimed toward teens. Let’s dig down there into the awkwardness of adolescence and wallow, not cast a bunch of beautiful twentysomethings in a movie that puts high school up on some sort of glamorous pedestal.

The film has been scripted by Normal Adolescent Behavior writer Beth Schacter, and it’s about a boy and girl who are BFF that make a pact to sleep together if they’re still virgins by the time they turn 18. Breslin, of course, will play the girl with Valentine’s Day’s Carter Jenkins joining her as the boy. In addition to that, Akeelah and the Bee star Keke Palmer joins the cast as the Breslin character’s best chick friend, and Sky Kids’ Daryl Sabara will also have an undisclosed role. I’m guessing as the wise cracking dork. It wouldn’t be a teen movie without one of those. What say you, FSR readership? Are you ready to go back to high school? Had your fill of teen movies? Where should the busy little beaver that is Abigail Breslin go next? [Variety]

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