Abigail Breslin Will Be a ‘Haunter’ for Vincenzo Natali’s Next Film

By  · Published on April 4th, 2012

Young Abigail Breslin seems bent on beefing up her acting resume with a plethora of very different roles – often going darker than her Little Miss Sunshine break-out role and signaling her interest in turning into one heck of a serious actress. Next up for Breslin is a role in Ender’s Game, a horrific turn in The Hive, one half of a sex-pact-making set of BFFs in A Virgin Mary, and my personal favorite – as a homicidal teen sister in the fact-based The Class Project. And that’s not all.

Variety reports that Breslin will now also star in Vincenzo Natali’s (Splice) next film, a supernatural horror flick called Haunter. The film is billed as “a reverse ghost story,” with its focus on Breslin’s ghost character, not the probably-terrified humans living in her old house. Like a modern-day Casper, Breslin’s character is friendly and unable to move past her ghostly un-living. But she’s not just hanging around the house she died in for fun – she has to save her “present-day, living counterpart” from the same fate. Sounds…haunting.