A Young Woman Finds a Creative Way to Spice Up Life in This Short Film

This Is Mary Short Film

Kevin Slack

Why Watch? Despite weekly eggplant Parmesan dinners and a bed to jump on, Mary’s life isn’t at all exciting. Fortunately, she’s discovered an interesting method for injecting profundity into a meager existence. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic about it.

Told with the rhythms and beats of an 80s teen movie (complete with the self-aware references), this short film from Kevin Slack does its best work in drawing out a clever idea to its fullest potential. It’s the kind of quirk that doesn’t immediately seem like it would make good material, but at three minutes, Slack has crafted something funny – and slightly thought-provoking – that stays exactly as long as its welcome.

It’s shot beautifully, offering the right platform for yellows and pinks to pop. The imagery also manages a few subtle tricks that make the discovery of Mary’s ingenuity even more playful. To be fair, it’s the kind of punchline reveal that might make you slap your forehead and smile at the same time, but it’s also not where Slack allows the story to end.

Plus, Jenny Murray does strong work here as Mary. It’s a difficult role that doesn’t allow her a lot of room to emote, and she creates a few layers with sly flashes of nuance. A scoff or sigh does wonders here, building youthful angst with an offhanded look and the help of the narration.

What Will It Cost? About 3 minutes.

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