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A Woman Runs Into Her Ex and a Store-Wide Fight Ensues in This Crazed Short Film

By  · Published on August 5th, 2014

Thane Economou

Why Watch? Two things stick out about this comedy(?) short film from Thane Economou besides it being a single, six-minute-long tracking shot. First, it’s an intense blast of the full emotional spectrum contained in a tiny space. Second, it shrugs off its own ferocity with Dude-like, headphone-blasting zen.

In Quentin and Lisa…at the Grocery Store, two fiery exes run into each other in an area built for 1.8 shopping carts to exist and proceed to brutally assail each other across the entire establishment. Things get ugly – maybe too ugly at times – but the manic energy is infectious, providing two brains devoid of rational thought a chance to collide.

The comic timing is sharp, the camera movement is acrobatic enough to impress in the tight squeeze, but the short film also works largely because it focuses on a rocket blast of an argument that’s meaningless from a few feet away. It works you into a lather before reminding you that it isn’t really that big a deal.

Beyond that foundation, the humor comes directly from the uncomfortable fear of confrontation, played naturally and followed by two free radicals finding their verbal fists. Let the fireworks commence.

What Will It Cost? About 6 minutes.

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