A Very Murray Christmas Trailer: It’s Murray, Clooney and Miley In Festive Song and Dance

A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix

Here comes the holiday special from Sofia Coppola that you never knew you needed. A Very Murray Christmas comes from Netflix, which should come as no surprise, as it’s the streaming companies that are making some of the most interesting content right now. And it’s all centered around Bill Murray, who appears to be trying to assemble a bunch of his famous friends – the likes of George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Julie White and Pope Francis – for a festive gathering.

So far as this trailer is showing us, everyone ends up present with the exception of Pope Francis. Perhaps he was busy.

The Pope’s absence aside, this looks like a weird song and dance that will be worth watching with all of your friends this holiday season. It’s the perfect antidote if you’re worried about Starbucks cups not being festive enough. Just know that Bill Murray is on your side in the War Against Christmas.

At least, I think that’s what’s happening here. It’s hard to be sure. A Very Murray Christmas drops on Netflix December 4.


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