‘A Serious Man’ Trailer Bangs Our Head Against the Wall


I honestly have no idea what’s happening in this trailer. Or how the Coen brothers are able to make a film a year while other poor saps are sitting around stuck on page 28 of the screenplay they’ve been working on since college. I’m pretty sure they finished another movie before I finished my bagel and cream cheese this morning. Granted, I do like to savor my breakfast, but that’s pretty ridiculous.

Meanwhile, this trailer for A Serious Man tells me absolutely nothing about the story except how unhappy the main character must be. Count me in:

Who in the what? He’s right. That rabbi didn’t look busy at all.

Something tells me that there’s potential for comedy here, but a larger part is pretty sure that the trademark angst of the Coens is coming out in full force. Of course, the last time there was a trailer for one of their films, everybody thought that Burn After Reading was a wacky comedy romp. We see how that actually turned out. Thus, by the transitive property, A Serious Man will actually be a wacky comedy romp.

The film gets a limited release on October 9th here in the states and stars Simon Helberg, Richard Kind, and Adam Arkin. Also, Fyvush Finkel is involved, which is awesome because I haven’t seen that dude since “Picket Fences.”

What do you think? What the hell is a romp anyway?

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