A Man Travels to America to Become the World’s Fattest in This Sharp Short Film

Gros Short Film adam taylor

Adam Taylor

Why Watch? When you’re a fat fish in a small pond, the allure of swimming across the ocean to test yourself against greater challenges is often incredibly strong. Things are more difficult when your pond only has seven hot dogs in it, though.

In this short film from Adam Taylor, the largest man in an Eastern European village goes after his dream to prove himself as the largest man in the world. He’s dedicated, in love and probably weighs about 180 pounds.

On one level, Gros feels like a sweeter version of Borat. More innocently naive. Our normal-sized fat guy doesn’t shake hands with the Statue of Liberty to satirize, but to find a broader sense of humor. Some surprising images and bone dry witticisms make it all possible, and the art school style offers a calm base for the bombastic to stand out. At the same time, he’s definitely making a statement about how great Americans are at consuming large quantities (and what it’s like not to give up on your goals).

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