A Man Foolishly Tries to Disconnect His Facebook Account In This Short Film

disCONNECT short film

The Studio on Mars

Why Watch? If you’ve never thought about deleting your Facebook account, you either don’t have a Facebook account or you’re a grandmother who just joined last week. (Mothers who joined last week to check up on children have already thought about deleting dozens of times.)

This short film from J. Buckner takes a semi-surreal look at cutting the chord by following a man as he struggles with a single mouse click. It’s an appropriately dark carnival ride through a man’s mental state – one that both personifies and prods social media into a destructive force that cajoles and holds hostage anyone thinking of stepping back from the virtual edge.

What’s most impressive is the balance between the initial desire and the sheer size of the extortion that takes place. Here, a living, breathing social network all but pulls out the waterboarding bench to convince our hero that a reprieve from connectivity is actually a life sentence for isolation. Things go from zero to scary very quickly, and it’s all held together by off-center photography and an increasingly “real” villain.

disCONNECT captures an ominous tone and matches perfectly the raw feeling of loss that comes from our conflicted relationship with relationship sites. Remember to click “Like.”

What Will It Cost? About 4 minutes.

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