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A Leaked Sex Tape Destroys a Relationship in This Smart Short Film

By  · Published on December 13th, 2014

Snap Short Film

The Current/Kristian Foldager

We’re teaming with The Current to deliver 10 short films from 10 different directors, focused on social trends explored through cinema.

The final short film, Snap!, features a young woman admitting to her boyfriend that she cheated on him before he can find out through the online grapevine. Naturally, there’s a video. It becomes a living, shared relic of the ruination of their relationship, and the short film shrewdly toys with the question of whether he’ll watch it and how much more damage can be done.

“I’m from a small town in Western Zealand, where I attended a hippie school with only 60 pupils far out on the countryside,” says director Kristian Foldager. “It was a good playground for my creativity – a safe haven from the rest of society that I still feel rather detached to. Today my playground is an office I share with four fellow filmmakers in Central Copenhagen. I’ve been self-employed for eight years – doing shorts, docs, music videos and commercials.

“As a child I observed people and situations around me, but was scared of interaction. Today I’m not afraid of interacting, but often struggle with the fascination part. I probably was a better filmmaker as a child.

“I wrote this little story around Snapchat, since everyone seems eager to share embarrassing videos with this app. Four days later the Snapchat leak happened, exposing erotic content with young kids.

“The film deals with loss of innocence and the danger of exposed secrets. No one in the film is bad or good, and whether their actions are right or wrong should encourage a discussion rather than a conclusion.

“Every action on the Internet seems like a private affair without consequences for others. Suddenly knowing details about a person will of course change your relation, and the secret will create a distance.”

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