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A Lazy Space Delivery Guy Becomes Big Trouble In This Stellar Animated Short Film

By  · Published on May 12th, 2014

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Why Watch? In the future, being a delivery guy is unbelievably easy. The ship flies itself, you can land at the press of a button and most of the packages are larger than microscopic.

This short film from Kyungmin Woo is a delightful triumph of cartoon violence and a Twilight Zone-style hook that’s played upfront for laughs instead of held back for a dramatic twist. It’s especially appropriate for this week’s release of Godzilla and especially entertaining for anyone who wants to punt the minions from Despicable Me into the sun.

JohnnyExpress is brilliant for its nihilism, its slapstick simplicity and the sweet dramatic irony of what the entire situation must have looked like to our anti-hero. The animation is rich and layered, but the real standout is a chase sequences where an alien tries to steal a bicycle and a car – the timing is comic perfection. It’s the rare short film that uses wanton destruction to mine for laughs, and the payoff is absolutely fantastic. This should play in front of whatever Pixar puts in theaters next.

What Will It Cost? About 5 minutes.

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