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A Guy Hires a Prostitute to Recreate a Mundane Relationship in This Sentimental Short Film

By  · Published on January 13th, 2014

Why Watch? After a brutal breakup, a weak-kneed ex-boyfriend finds himself desperate for intimacy, so he hires a hooker. Instead of sex, he’s dropping fifty bucks an hour to silently watch cooking shows and have her complain about the room being too cold. You know, relationship stuff.

More than anything else, All’s Fair is surprisingly sweet, showing a sentimental side to director Todd Strauss-Schulson who produced a bare-breasted Heaven for the third Harold and Kumar and delivered the cell phone body-horror Valibation last year. This is a different, cuddlier animal that features an everyman who manages to avoid annoyance, a fantastic turn from a Beyonce-channeling Cleo King and some real talk about letting go from a lady of the night. Touching and funny, it’s a light meditation on what it costs to keep a broken past going.

What Will It Cost? About 12 minutes.

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