‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’ Trailer Looks Fantastic, Includes a Scruffy and Scared Simon Pegg

There isn’t much about Simon Pegg’s latest starring vehicle, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, that doesn’t seem completely cool. It gives Pegg an opportunity to chew some scenery, seeing as he stars as a man who is almost constantly plagued by fears. It comes from an original script shot on a very modest budget, so you won’t have to sit through months and months of promotion that eventually make you sick of hearing about it. And it’s the writing and directing debut of Crispian Mills, formerly of the band Kula Shaker. This is the sort of intriguing project that should be able to sell a film fan instantly.

But now that Pegg has tweeted the first trailer, feelings about the film are sure to go from intrigue to enthusiasm. A Fantastic Fear of Everything seems to be a raucous comedy about a man in over his head. A former children’s author is trying to get into crime novels, and seeing as he’s naturally paralyzed by paranoia, the research is enough to drive him batty. But it definitely doesn’t look like comedy is all the movie does. There’s also some indication that Pegg’s character is facing some real struggles, and is trying to grow as a person. He’s worried that his career has stalled out, he’s trying to overcome the neuroses that keep him from having a normal life, and despite the fact that he’s sporting some ridiculous flowing locks and a shabby beard, it still seems like it all plays out with real dramatic weight.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything is set to be released in the UK on June 8th, and hopefully it doesn’t take long to spread everywhere else after that.

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