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Double Take: ‘Shrek’ at 20 and the Iconic Legacy of DreamWorks’ “All Star”

It’s the 20th Shrekiversary. Time to peel back the layers.

Double Take: They Got ‘Constantine’ Right The First Time

For its 16th anniversary, here’s our re-appraisal of the DC comic book movie.

Double Take: ‘Showgirls’ at 25 and the Unlikely Legacy of Nomi Malone 

One of the worst films of all time? We think not! For the film’s 25th anniversary, here’s our re-appraisal of ‘Showgirls.’

Double Take: Is Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween II’ Secretly a Masterpiece?

Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween II’ is a masterpiece to some, and a piece of garbage to others. Let’s settle this with a re-appraisal.

Double Take: Unpacking The Controversies of ‘Joker’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’

Two films about radicalization made waves at TIFF, but what do these vastly different movies actually have to say about the subject?

Double Take: ‘Hobbs & Shaw’

Anna Swanson loves the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise. Meg Shields adamantly does not. They debate action stars’ masculinity, when the films peaked, and if space is the only place left to go.

Double Take: ‘The House That Jack Built’

‘The House That Jack Built’ is a divisive parade of depraved obscenities, and according to the Double Take duo: it rules. Here’s why.

Double Take: ‘High Life’

In space, no one but Meg Shields and Anna Swanson can hear your bodily fluids. You’ll need to keep reading for the context.

Double Take: ‘RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK’ Side-by-Side with the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made