8 Hollywood Trends That Should Stay In 2006

With 2007 under way, I have decided that there are a few things (Eight to be exact) that I hope will stay in the past. I have a deep hatred for lame celebrities and the lame trends that always ensue.

Pulse8. Horror Sequels/Remakes

With Black Christmas, Final Destination 3, The Grudge 2, The Hills Have Eyes, The Omen, Pulse (The American version still counts as a remake), Saw III, TCM: The Beginning, Underworld: Evolution and When a Stranger Calls…last year was filled with a little good, a lot of bad and too much ugly.

7. Parodies

The Scary Movie franchise might not be that bad, but films like Date Movie and Farce of The Penguins need to stay “projects” and not films. Before this could be completed, Epic Movie has already ruined 2007.

6. Lame Peter Hammond Quotes

“Smokin’ Aces is one wild super-kinetic ride” WTF Pete?…WTF?

Uwe Boll5) Uwe Boll

I do not know why this man still finds work in Hollywood. Frankly, I do not want to know how he goes about finding work in Hollywood.

4. Dane Cook’s Movie Career

I love the Dane train, but it derailed when he finally got the chance to star in a film. I preferred him as “The Waffler” in Mystery Men.

3. Penguin Movies

March of The Penguins, Farce of The Penguins, Happy Feet and now Surf’s Up. All I have to say, is that Ostrich’s get no love.

Brangelina2. Brangelina & Tomkat

One wishes to create the most genetically perfect children, and the other wishes to shed rumors concerning his sexuality. Can you guess which one is which?

1. Celebrity Babies

Shiloh and Suri sitting in a tree…Please won’t somebody just kill me?

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