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38 Things We Learned From the ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ Commentary

By  · Published on May 3rd, 2012

The Avengers hits theaters this Friday, but we’re looking to the future. The not-too-distant future but further out than this coming Friday. May 3, 2013, to be precise, when Iron Man 3 hits. Naturally, it stars Robert Downey Jr., still the comeback kid whose A-list status may as well be written in Adamantium. But it’s also being written and directed by Shane Black, the amazing screenwriter who brought us Lethal Weapon, The Monster Squad, The Last Boyscout, and this week’s film on Commentary Commentary, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It was Black’s debut as a director, and it’s arguably his best piece of work in 25 years.

This week we’re listening to what Black and Downey Jr. have to say about this “indie” action/comedy. Val Kilmer joins the commentary party, too, because any party with Kilmer is better than any party without him. He just loves to drop names, as is indicated by this very bit of audio. With these three in the room together, talking about this very entertaining film, you know a healthy dose of fun is about to be had. So here you have it. All 38 things we learned listening to the commentary for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Commentators: Shane Black (writer, director), Robert Downey Jr. (actor), Val Kilmer (actor), more dropped names from Kilmer than can physically be counted

Best in Commentary

“I want to remind you all that the person has already seen the film a couple of times and then the DVD at least twice before they turn this on. They’re not interested in the blow-by-blow of the film. It’s not why they’re listening.” -Val Kilmer, saying something everyone who sits down to do a commentary should adhere to.

“You’ve got that thing, Kilmer. The camera loves you.” -Robert Downey Jr.

“They always say, in every action movie or adventure/mystery, they say the villain is what makes the movie, but I always spend so much time on the protagonist I have no time left for the villain, so he’s always sketched in.” -Shane Black

“This scene works like a motherfucker.” -Robert Downey Jr.

“I wasn’t commenting, because I was bored.” -Val Kilmer in a very rare moment. For both of those statements.

Final Thoughts

Probably the most fun we’ve had putting one of these Commentary Commentary articles together, listening to Shane Black, Robert Downey Jr., and especially Val Kilmer talk about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a real joy. They bounce around quite a bit, but all three of these guys love being in a room together. There’s so much chemistry between them and ample amounts of charisma in each of them. It makes you realize just how much fun it would be just to hang out with any one of these guys.

It doesn’t matter that most of Kilmer’s contribution to the commentary is wrapped up in dropping names and feeding that silly contest he established early on. There was a consideration to write them all down here, but it really is a massive list of names, most of them seemingly being pulled from the air and fired out in rat-a-tat succession. The actor, along with Black and Downey Jr., adds so much entertainment this commentary, which also has nice moments of insight and anecdotes from working on the film. Here’s hoping the three get together for another commentary sometime down the line, hopefully for Brokeback Bang Bang, though a title change is expected.

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