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36 Things We Learned From the ‘Ghostbusters’ Commentary Track

Ghostbusters Slimer
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By  · Published on August 9th, 2011

Welcome back to Commentary Commentary, the weekly analysis of our favorite films and what the filmmakers have to say about them. This week we’re calling someone. Not sure who. It’s almost like there should be a classic line to fit in here, but right now it’s escaping me.

In addition to being a modern classic, Ghostbusters is also arguably the best comedy of the last 30 years. Plus, it features Reginal Veljohnson and William Atherton, two co-stars of Die Hard, so that’s something to note, right? The two also co-starred in Die Hard 2. We’ll have to cover Renny Harlin’s commentary on that classic some day. While you’re holding your breath for that, though, we’re in the mood to laugh, get slimed, and laugh heartily some more. So take a ghostly gander – yeah, I said it – at what we learned from the Ghostbusters commentary right here.

Ghostbusters (1984)

Commentators: Ivan Reitman (director, producer), Harold Ramis (writer, actor), Joe Medjuck (associate producer), lots and lots of slime

Best in Commentary

“I knew we were a hit the second weekend of release when I was walking through Manhattan there were kiosks at every corner with guys selling illegal, black market t-shirts with sayings from the movie and the logo all over it.” – Ivan Reitman

“We take credit for turning “slime” into a verb.” – Harold Ramis

“I think one of the nicest reviews we got for this movie said the whole film was like a perfectly told joke.” – Harold Ramis

“I think Bill does really well with women,” – Ivan Reitman

Final Thoughts

A lot of the Ghostbusters commentary features Reitman, Ramis, and Medjuck simply imitating lines of dialogue from the film as they occur, and you know what, I couldn’t care less. A film this quotable has to be…well quoted, and who better than the filmmakers to do it, proving the love they had for the film and its comedy. It also doesn’t hurt that the three commentators have a lot to add regarding insight into stories from the set and how-they-did-it moments of movie magic disclosure. Much is learned from the Ghostbusters commentary, and more importantly, it’s as entertaining as the film itself. Now excuse me, I’ve got some marshmallows to roast and the image of a flattop and arms coming out of my chair to flush out of my subconscious.

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