31 Days of Horror: Feast

Feast (2005)

Synopsis: A rag-tag assortment of small town bar patrons trapped in a dusty drinking hole must defend themselves from an all out monster assault.  Things don’t get much simpler, or cooler, than that.

Killer Scene: During the climax, all hell has broken loose – the bar is on fire, most are dead, everyone is bleeding, and our Heroine takes it to one of the beasts by pounding out its teeth and then shoving her arm down its throat until it chokes to death.  Bad. Ass.


Violence: This film delivers on the gory goods.  Heads get knocked off, limbs are severed, eyes are infected and all sorts of blood is spilled.  A monster even gets its dick cut off in a doorway amidst the carnage that features explosions, gunshots, and flames.

Sex: There is a little bit of sex going on and some cute ladies, but most of your nudity pay dirt comes from the monsters, who expose their genitals and get down to some pretty aggressive sex making.

Scares: Not really a fright fest, but there are definitely some very tense moments and a jump scare or two thrown in for good measure.  The creatures are gross and violent and might make you think twice about going outside late at night.

Final Thoughts: Feast is a fun monster flick, the kind that doesn’t get made nearly enough anymore.  There wasn’t much explanation and there needn’t be any, it was all about this group of people surviving the onslaught.  Or, more accurately, not surviving.  The script had fun in killing off people unexpectedly and in gross and disgusting ways.  This is definitely for your “creature feature” night and goes more along the gory and monster filled flicks, rather than outright scary ones.  A bloody good time.

Did you enjoy Feast?

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