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29 Things We Learned From the ‘Spider-Man’ Commentary

By  · Published on July 5th, 2012

Spider-man Movie Commentary

*sung to the tune of the original "Spider-Man" theme*
Sam Raimi, Sam Raimi
Does whatever a Raimi does
Hear him talk about his flick
It's not Evil Dead, but it's slick

Okay, so I’m not good at rhymes, but that’s definitely what we’re listening to in this weeks’ Commentary Commentary, Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man. Other cast and crew members join in on the fun, but we’re more interested in what Mr. Raimi has to say. A director beloved by many, the announcement that he was directing this Summer blockbuster of all the Summer blockbusters he could have stepped into slapped smiles on the faces of millions. It even made us forget about James Cameron’s idea for the web-slinger.

With the reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, hitting this week, just a few months over a decade later, it was time to crack open this DVD case and see what glorious insight Raimi and crew have to offer. And with reviews coming in for the newly released Spidey flick, it seems there might be more enjoyment in listening to people talk about a different version. We’re not saying it’s awful, but we’re hoping, praying that someone at Columbia Pictures gets Cameron on the line stat.

The Amazing Spider-Man bashing aside, here are the 29 items we learned from this commentary for Spider-Man.

Spider-Man (2002)

Commentators: Sam Raimi (direct0r), Grant Curtis (co-producer), Laura Ziskin (producer), Kirsten Dunst (actress)

Best in Commentary

“It’s a brilliant idea of Stan Lee’s originally to have Peter enter a wrestling match where those colorful costumes are a must to develop the Spider-Man costume.” -Sam Raimi

“I love when he swings off and lets out that yell. It’s like the high of public service. You know you’ve done the best you can do to help others, and I feel like that’s what he’s celebrating.” -Sam Raimi

Final Thoughts

This commentary track isn’t the most information-heavy track we’ve covered, nowhere near, in fact. There aren’t any prolonged gaps in any of the commentators speaking, but much of what’s said isn’t that insightful or groundbreaking and revelatory. Raimi points out a lot of shots in the film that he didn’t direct, of which there are a lot. His second unit was working overtime here. Dunst acts giddy and mentions all the things she loved about the production. It’s fine to hear how excited she is about the movie, but it doesn’t add anything informative. Curtis has even less to offer.

The real stand-out on this commentary is producer Laura Ziskin who probably speaks more than anyone else on the track. A breakdown on everyone’s time isn’t included, unfortunately, but it seems fairly obvious that she has the most in terms of both quantity and quality to offer. It’s the first time a producer has made us want to search and discover other tracks to which they’ve contributed.

Spider-Man remains the best that franchise has to offer, The Amazing Spider-Man absolutely included in that statement. However, as continuous as the commentary track for it is, it’s nowhere near one you definitely have to check out for yourself.

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