’28 Hotel Rooms’ Trailer: Let’s Spend the Night Together

By  · Published on October 5th, 2012

Here’s the difficulty in writing about a truly great trailer: it’s almost impossible to do. What can writing about something that is sexy, powerful, dreamy, intense, and wrenching possibly add to the experience of just simply watching it? Not much, so we’ll stick to facts before rolling out the main event.

Writer and director Matt Ross makes his feature debut with 28 Hotel Rooms, a Chris Messina– and Marin Ireland-starring Sundance film that takes a high concept (two traveling professionals meet, fall into bed with each other at a hotel, and continue doing it over the course of years, and always just within various hotel settings) and elevates it to something truly special. We’ll leave the rest of it to the film’s stunning first trailer, after the break.

Our own Allison Loring saw the film back in January at Sundance and, in her review, she calls it “an intense and interesting look at what it means to be in an affair,” while also nothing that “each time Messina and Ireland are back on screen together, the chemistry and pull that they themselves cannot seem to break away from has us falling right back into bed with them as well.” Steamy.

28 Hotel Rooms will be available on VOD on October 9th, with a theatrical run kicking off on November 16th. [Apple, via /Film]