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26 Things We Learned from Michael Bay’s ‘Bad Boys’ Commentary

Michael Bay loves to talk about money, and it’s sometimes entertaining hearing him do so.
Bad Boys
By  · Published on March 24th, 2012

Welcome to Commentary Commentary, where we sit and listen to filmmakers talk about their work, then share the most interesting parts. In this edition, Kate Erbland brings this column once more into the loud, colorful, fast-moving mind of Michael Bay for his commentary on Bad Boys.

We didn’t get enough of Michael Bay’s ego blowing the world up a few weeks ago. We’re interested in more. That’s why in this week’s Commentary Commentary, we’re covering Bay’s first movie, the calling card, if you will, that would eventually launch this man to such great heights, he could make hundreds of millions of dollars playing with toy robots. We’re talking about Bad Boys. No, I’m not gonna sing the song. Thought about it. Decided to pass.

Bad Boys started a lot of things. It began Will Smith’s rise to divine power. It started something with Martin Lawrence that would eventually sputter out some time around Bad Boys II. Poor guy. Black Knight just wasn’t a good idea. Mr. Bay is sure to spew all kinds of love for both of these guys, as well as the massive number of explosions we’ll be seeing throughout the film. His Armageddon commentary was so much fun and surprisingly insightful, so there’s no telling what we’ll be in store for with Bad Boys.

Whatcha gonna do? I couldn’t help it.

Bad Boys (1995)

Commentators: Michael Bay (director, auteur), not nearly enough money.

Best in Commentary

“You could drive trucks through the logic of some of this script.”

“So, there wasn’t a lot of money to do this scene, like all the scenes in this movie.”

Final Thoughts

Michael Bay will NOT stop talking about money. There isn’t much else to gleam off this commentary track for Bad Boys, which explains why so few items are discussed above. Every time he finds something he doesn’t like about the film, he blames the script and how little time they had to shoot it. When he isn’t harping on the budget, Bay resorts to silence. There are long, LONG and frequent pauses in the commentary. Sometimes minutes go by without Bay saying a word, either unable to find something he dislikes about the film or running out of ways to complain about the budget.

The commentary would have benefited greatly from pulling the same thing the Armageddon track did, bringing in actors and producers and cutting them in between Bay’s clips.

These are the main problems with Bay’s commentary track, but they don’t end there. He repeats himself throughout the track. There are a number of times where he mentions Lawrence and Smith were improvising on set or that he would just turn the camera on Lawrence and let him go. Bay also throws out random bits of information without explaining his statements at all. “Oh, this movie is so dated,” he says at one point. The little tidbit about Bad Boys II was interesting, though, so we have that to look forward to.

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