’22 Jump Street’ Red Band Trailer: More Guns, More Glory, More Ambiguously Sexual Rob Riggle

There’s a lot riding on 22 Jump Street. No, not box office bucks or critical praise or Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s careers or anything like that- what hangs in the balance is far more precious. As you probably know (as does everyone who’s anyone), Kurt Russell’s son, Wyatt Russell, turned down a role in the last two Hunger Games films just to take part in 22 Jump Street. This could be his big break; an opportunity to rake in Jaden Smith or Charlie Sheen levels of “I’m the son of someone famous” fame and fortune.

Unfortunately for the Russells, the first trailer for 22 Jump Street doesn’t have a whole lot of Wyatt Russell in action. What it does have, however, is just about everything you could ask for in a sequel to a reboot of a 26 year-old cop show. It addresses the somewhat surprising terrific-ness of the first film, and the higher expectations of all future sequels: “Ladies, nobody gave a shit about the Jump Street reboot, but you got lucky. So now, this department has invested a lot of money to make sure Jump Street keeps going.” Nick Offerman can’t put it in more straightforward words than that, and he’s made a career out of characters who speak loudly and in very straightforward wording.

And then the rest of the trailer makes the best argument it can for all those paying to make the movie and paying to see the movie. The ante is upped, advancing Schmidt and Jenko to college (although adults of any age can technically enroll in college, questioning the validity of the whole “they look old” joke). Ice Cube now gets to pack heat along with the two starring cops. Rob Riggle is back with half of a sex change operation and a weird, horrible new relationship. All the same creative team is back for round two- Michael Bacall is writing the script once more (although this time with the help of Oren Uziel), and Phil Lord and Chris Miller are once again sharing an over-sized director’s chair. Let’s all just listen to Offerman’s soothing (and loud) voice, and remain cautiously optimistic about this one.

22 Jump Street hits theaters on June 13, 2014.

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