’21 & Over’ Trailer Realizes That Teenagers Buy Tickets to Party Movies

21 & Over Trailer

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore hit a goldmine when they wrote the script for The Hangover. It turns out young people like to watch movies where the characters on screen are partying so much that they’ll even buy tickets to retreads like The Hangover Part II, or movies that barely even qualify as being movies, like Project X. It’s gotten to the point where party-gone-out-of-control is pretty much a genre onto itself.

Enter Lucas and Moore’s new film, which they’ve both written and directed, 21 & Over. Jeff Chang is newly turned 21, and despite the fact that he has an important interview tomorrow morning, a couple of his crazy friends have decided to take it upon themselves to take him out drinking and give him the night of his life. The results are a derivative mix of those aforementioned party films, a little bit of the journey aspect of the Harold & Kumar films, and a sprinkling of the way they kept repeating the name McLovin in Superbad (though here it’s repetition of the protagonist, Jeff Chang’s, name, Jeff Chang).

Who would want to see a movie like this, that seems like it’s going to be more about debauchery than it is storytelling or even developing jokes? I don’t know, probably teenagers. They seem to think that watching actors pretend to drink beer is endlessly entertaining for some reason. And they need a dark room to make out and eat popcorn in every weekend anyway. It doesn’t really matter what the movie is.

Congratulations, Lucas and Moore, looks like you’ve created another goldmine. 21 & Over is scheduled to be released March 1, which will be really convenient if your girlfriend is scheduled to get her braces off sometime around the end of February. [via ComingSoon]

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