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2017 Bloodlist Includes New Screenplays from Filmmakers Behind Recent Genre Gems

The writers of ‘Starry Eyes,’ ‘Goodnight Mommy,’ and ‘Tragedy Girls’ have new horrors on the horizon!
Bloodlist 2017
By  · Published on October 27th, 2017

The writers of ‘Starry Eyes,’ ‘Goodnight Mommy,’ and ‘Tragedy Girls’ have new horrors on the horizon!

The 9th annual Bloodlist was released yesterday highlighting the thirteen best unproduced genre scripts of the past year as voted on by executives working in the film and television industries. The Bloodlist was created in 2009 by then-assistant Kailey Marsh who now works as a literary manager, producer, and CEO of Kailey Marsh Media. Roughly half of this year’s titles have entered into various stages of pre-production, but the rest are currently available and in the market for producers looking for new, dark material. The site has a solid track record for highlighting winners with past lists having included the likes of Stoker, Black Swan, The Shallows, Arrival, and the recent Netflix Original The Babysitter, so the odds are this year’s currently available scripts won’t stay that way for long.

This year’s list features the typical mix of new and familiar voices with a few of the scripts coming from the people behind a trio of recent genre favorites. Tragedy Girls‘ Tyler MacIntyre & Chris Hill are back with the very fun-sounding Nightlight about a kid obsessed with fictional creatures who’s forced to defend his home against a threat far more human. Kevin Kolsch & Dennis Widmyer are following up Starry Eyes with The Swallow (featuring my favorite of this year’s loglines). And Goodnight Mommy‘s Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz are back with The Lodge about a haunting at Christmas. (Riley Keough was recently announced as attached to star.)

Per their website, “BloodList was created in 2009 to bring attention to unproduced dark genre screenplays & pilots in circulation. A calendar year for a script to be considered runs from October 31st to the following October 31st, the list is announced around Halloween annually. Only working executives can vote on the list. BloodList has become a resource for dark genre producers searching for the perfect material, and some snatch their next project here first. On top of the annual list, BloodList is expanding into a producing, and financing entity.

Keep reading for a look at the thirteen scripts to make the cut on 2017’s Bloodlist!

Project Name: MEAT

Writer: Logan Martin
Genre: Horror
Logline:  A misanthropic man notices bizarre changes in himself, his wife, and the animals inhabiting the territory around their homestead as they attempt to survive self-imposed isolation.
Management: Jake Wagner & Scott Stoops (Good Fear)
Agency: Charlie Ferraro, Jordan Lonner (UTA)
Status: Available.

Project Name: NIGHTLIGHT

Writers: Tyler MacIntyre & Chris Hill
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Logline:  A monster-obsessed kid witnesses a murder in his neighborhood and must defend his house when it comes under siege by the killers.
Management: Allard Cantor & Jarrod Murray (Epicenter)
Agency:  Adam Perry & Sheryl Petersen (APA)
Status: Sold to Sony. Bob Shaye & Vince Gatewood (Unique Features) producing.

Project Name: THE LODGE

Writers: Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala & Sergio Casci
Logline: A supernatural evil haunts a woman and her stepchildren in a cabin on Christmas.
Management: Casci is w/ Nigel Britten Management (UK)
Agency: Sarah Self, Roger Green & Warren Zavala (WME)
Status: Hammer Films producing. FilmNation financing.

Project Name: TILL DEATH

Writer: Jason Carvey
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Logline: A trophy wife’s psychotic and controlling husband kidnaps her to a romantic remote getaway location and kills himself while she’s handcuffed to him. She’s left to fight for her life, facing two dangerous men he’s sent to kill her.
Agency: Chris Smith (Paradigm)
Status: Available.

Project Name: CURFEW

Writer: Dick Grunert
Genre: Horror
Logline: A rebellious teenage girl is sent to stay with her strict grandmother in the sleepy town of Cedar Falls, a place with many strange traditions, including a curfew banning anyone from going out at night. When she ventures out after dark she discovers the truth behind the town’s mysterious history.
Management: Antonio D’Intino & Jeremy Platt (Plattform)
Status: Available. Christian Armogida (Nightshade Entertainment) is producing.

Project Name: BLACK TIDE BEACH (Pilot)

Writer: Brent Hyman
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Logline: Investigative photographer, Dean, works to make quick money by shooting dead bodies before the police arrive on scene. When an old Hollywood Starlet employs his help looking for her wife, his life becomes entangled with the murderous and psychedelic side of the Los Angeles area.
Agency: Melissa Solomon, Chris Noriega, Chase Northington, Parker Davis and Adam Weinstein (Verve)
Status: Pilot set up with ITV.

Project Name: THE RED PILL

Writers: Joe Russo & Chris LaMont
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi
Logline: After a bacterial virus sweeps the globe, a government-mandated pill becomes an essential part of everyday life, you take it or you die. When everyman David MacReady begins showing symptoms of the infection, he takes his family on the run from the C.D.C.; only David isn’t getting sicker, he’s getting stronger.
Management: Russell Hollander (Hollander Entertainment)
Agency: Greg Pedicin (Gersh)
Status: Available.

Project Name: HIS HOUSE

Writer: Remi Weekes
Genre: Horror
Logline: Two African refugees who are relocated to London find a host of horrors in their new home.
Agency: Roxana Adle (Independent Talent Group – UK)
Status: Available.


Writers: Matthew Leslie & Stephen J. Smith
Genre: Horror
Logline: When a pregnant social worker is called upon to investigate a murder involving a teenage mother, she uncovers an insidious plot with possible ties to the occult that has her questioning her sanity and the very nature of her unborn child.
Management: Jeff Portnoy (Bellevue)
Agency:  Adam Perry (APA)
Status: In Development

Project Name: RUIN

Writers: Matthew K. Firpo & Ryan Firpo
Genre: Thriller
Logline: After World War II ends, a former Nazi captain hunts down and kill his team of SS officers in Germany.
Management: Harry Lengsfield (LBI)
Agency: Rob Carlson, Geoff Morley, Peter Dodd (UTA)
Status: MadRiver Pictures is producing. Justin Kurzel directing. Gal Gadot attached to star.

Project Name:  THE OTHER LAMB

Writer: Catherine McMullen
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Logline: This is a young female coming of age story set within an alternative religion – in the vein of THE WITCH and MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE.
Management: Krista Carpenter & Chris Deckard (Fictional Entity)
Agency: Candice Thom & Dayne Kelly (RGM)
Status:  David Lancaster & Stephanie Wilcox (Rumble Films) producing.

Project Name:  THE SWALLOW

Writers: Kevin Kolsch & Dennis Widmyer
Genre: Horror
Logline: Climb the trees… swim the lake… scale the fence… but whatever you do… Don’t. Touch. The. Ground.
Management: Adam Goldworm (Aperture)
Agency:  Rich Cook, Mike Fera (WME)
Status: Available.

Project Name: HEARTBEAT (Pilot)

Writer: Tim Macy
Genre: Horror
Logline: A controversial high tech company pays the dying to keep their spirits alive in their homes after they pass so they can market these ‘haunted houses’ to high-paying visitors (think haunted Airbnb).  Heathcliff Gill is a recruiter for the company who begins to realize the immortality he’s selling isn’t as blissful as he thought.
Management: Jeff Thal (Ensemble Ent.)
Status: Available.
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