‘2 Days in New York’ Trailer Looks Funny Like ‘2 Days in Paris,’ But New Yorkier

2 Days in New York

While she’s best known as an actress (Before Sunrise, represent!), Julie Delpy has, in recent years, been making the transition to becoming a writer/director as well. Probably her best known work so far is her 2007 relationship comedy Two Days in Paris, which was kind of a comedy of manners where Delpy’s character and her boyfriend (Adam Goldberg) went to Paris to visit her crazy family and have some uncomfortable run-ins with her ex-boyfriends.

2 Days in New York seems to be a sequel in the classic sense. It tells basically the exact same story, except in reverse. This time the crazy family and the awkward ex-boyfriend are coming to New York to visit her and her new boyfriend (Chris Rock). It’s kind of like how Linda Kozlowski was first shocked by Crocodile Dundee’s Outback home and then Crocodile Dundee was shocked by her New York home. Kind of.

Basically this movie looks like a light-hearted romp, with just a slight dusting of bigoted overtones. And seeing as the bigotry is directed at the French, it seems pretty harmless and comes off as fun anyway. Who doesn’t like a good French-people-are-obsessed-with-food or French-people-are-too-open-with-their-sexuality joke? Also, it seems like this one is going to give Rock the chance to keep his voice down and play a different sort of character than his usual, loud comedic persona – and that’s something we haven’t had a chance to see him do in a while. 2 Days in New York is rolling out all across the world over the course of the summer, and then finally hits New York on August 10. Fun times?

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