15 Things We Learned About David Hayter’s ‘Wolves’ at Comic-Con


David Hayter might not be a household name, but he’s more than likely a household voice. A popular video game actor, he’s lent his vocal talents to characters like Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake, several Star Wars characters in video games, and he was even the voice behind Captain America in the Spider-Man Animated Series.

If you’re not impressed yet, or if you’re just wondering why this guy suddenly has a movie, his first as a director mind you, consider his screen writing credits: X-Men, X2, and Watchmen, among others. So yeah, this guy is kind of a big guy, and I don’t mean that just because he’s 6’1. Oh hey, that’s something we learned, can’t spoil the article in the intro.

Without further adieu, we present the 15 things we learned about David Hayter’s werewolf action flick Wolves.

1. There will be no snouts in this film. Hayter had his Academy Award winning SFX team, the same ones behind the recent The Wolfman remake, go through a hundred different looks for his wolves, ultimately deciding he hated snouts and went with a more flat-faced werewolf, like Teen Wolf or the aforementioned Wolfman.

2. Jason Momoa enjoys lifting David Hayter up. When the massive Dothraki entered the stage, he gave Hayter a big bear hug and hoisted him into the air, a feeling Hayter said he’s gotten used to over the past months.

3. Momoa is the bad guy. Going into the panel, I didn’t know much about the film other than that it was about werewolves and I like werewolves. I was somewhat surprised to discover that Momoa will be playing Connor, the resident bad ass and apparent pack leader.

4. This makes Lucas Till the good guy, Cayden Richards, a young man lost in the world after the murder of his parents. The footage makes no secret that Till (X-Men First Class) is a werewolf and isn’t afraid to kick some ass.

5. Jason Momoa really, really likes wolves. Like really. The actor went to a wolf ranch to study the animals and liked them so much that he adopted a wolf.

6. I see you. I see around you. I see through you. That’s the mantra Momoa brought to his character, basing it off of the feelings he got dealing with actual wolves, which basically translates to wolves are badasses.

7. Werewolves are gonna bang in this film. A lot. Hayter revealed that not only is there a sex scene, but that it will take place between werewolves who start the dirty business as humans, but finish as full blown werewolves. Hot. This scene took three days to film, which is a lot for a sex scene. Entire pornos are shot in 6 hours.


8. Glittery vampires are lame, so sayeth the Hayter, as he opined on the nature of sexy werewolves – the kind he hopes to bring to the screen here. Vampires are easy to do, he said, but werewolves are difficult, and making them sexy and streamlined was a challenge.

9. The film stresses action over horror, so don’t expect a lot scares, but do expect a lot werewolf ass kicking.

10. Hayter has been trying to make this film for six years.

11. Wolves has already secured the entirety of it’s international distribution, but is still shopping for domestic distribution, so no word on when the film hits the US, but plan for it in the Spring of 2014, most likely.

12. These werewolves are young. Well, some of them, at least. Momoa’s werewolf is aged a bit, but some of the scenes we were shown involved High School football, so it’s a safe bet that we’re dealing with a mostly young pack.

13. In making the film, Hayter said he wanted to examine what kept other werewolf movies from being great and he went out to make a film that avoided those pitfalls.

14. One scene called for Momoa’s werewolf to burst through a fence. On the first take, the fence didn’t break and the stunt man had the air knocked out of him. On the second take, a background werewolf walked into the scene holding a cup of coffee, ruining the entire scene. With just one break-away fence left, Momoa stepped to the plate to break it himself – which didn’t go smoothly, as he got hung up and was forced to duck and roll through the fence before springing back to his feet. Luckily, Hayter loved it and that’s the take that made it into the film.

15. I suppose this is more opinion than fact, but it seems like Wolves shows promise. There definitely looked to be several wolf on wolf fight sequences and despite my preference for snouts, the wolves looked good. Plus, werewolf sex.

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