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Gossip Girl, The CW, Airs Monday 8/7c

Episode: “The Grandfather” (Season 2, Episode 19)

Synopsis: Blair tries to destroy the remnants of her old life in an effort to free herself from the pain of its loss. Despite her repeated brush offs, Chuck refuses to give up on the idea of a life with her, but it seems that some aspects of the past have a certain charm which he lacks. Meanwhile, Nate discovers the price of returning to the familial fold, which both he and Vanessa must pay.

Review: Did Gossip Girl just invent time travel? Because it sure does feel like mid season 1, what with Blair having a bad girl melt down, Nate returning to preppy form and the pair of them going at it like little bitty bunnies. Well, that’s what I pictured happening, anyway. Is that wrong? However, whilst time travel may have occurred, the end result may turn out quite nicely. In fact, the Blair-Chuck-Nate triangle could be a good solid arc to follow now that the writers have yet again nuked Serena and Dan’s relationship.

Ah, Dan and Serena. How good you used to be, how right it seemed and how well you clicked. Now look at the situation. When even the fans of the relationship (I refrain from using the word “shippers” because I don’t really want to apply that label to myself) are saying that it should be left alone for a while, it’s time to stop flogging the horse. However, whilst I know that it’s wrong to hit someone, I did enjoy the moment following the slap, where both parties were completely shocked. Dan’s realization that he did, in fact, do something wrong was strangely satisfying. He acted without any concern for her feelings and he should feel sorry. Well done on righting that wrong, writers.

Back to Blair, who, along with Nate and his familial issues, really was the primary focus of the episode. This season her arc has been so Chuck focused, it makes my head spin to think about. She’s gone from pissed at Chuck to madly in love with Chuck to hating Chuck to concerned about Chuck to distanced from Chuck before finally moving her focus away from Chuck and losing her entire future through a really stupid game with a teacher. It’s nice to finally have a different aspect of Blair again, does anyone else remember the days of bitchy Blair and her minions? Nowadays her minions are completely unafraid of her! Talk about a 180 shift. Bad girl Blair couldn’t have come sooner, and hopefully she’ll be around a while longer. Despite the long term ramifications her behavior at Nate’s social gala will have on her existence, it was enjoyable to witness the utter delight she took in destroying her carefully constructed image. Those damning words tripped off her tongue as easily as pleasantries did only months before. Hopefully whatever phoenix that rises from these ashes will keep a little of that spark.

Finally, there’s Nate and Vanessa. At least, what’s left of Nate and Vanessa, which really doesn’t seem to be much. After all, when your boyfriend cancels his summer vacation with you by announcing he’s got other plans to a room full of people, you could be, quite justifiably, brassed off. Throw in the events at the end of this episode and you have quite the storm brewing in V&N land. This may be a very negative way to think, but thank $deity. Vanessa and Nate’s relationship, though sweet, suffered from a serious case of boring. They were happy, they were together and they had overcome whatever obstacles were around to overcome. The class thing wasn’t an issue, distance wasn’t a factor and it seemed that all was smooth sailing. Now there’s a little spice to the mix! This has only a few episodes left to play out in, one of which will launch Gossip Girl’s spin off show, so if the couple are to be happy and healthy by the season finale, they’d want to sort things out sharpish.

One strangely fascinating aspect that did stand out was the oddly cult-ish situation Nate found himself in when he returned to the Vanderbilt fold. Brainwashing, communal activities, free will being removed, people being given only the illusion of choice, even the existence of a “compound”, it was all quite eerie. Perhaps Vanessa’s next move will be to have him kidnapped and try to break him out of the brainwashed mindset so she can have him back. Hey, at least it would be unexpected.

Up Next Week: “Remains of the J” – Dan’s future at Yale may not be set in stone after all, when his claim for financial aid is rejected. Also in the Humphrey house, little J. turns sweet 16. Serena’s plans for a quiet party are scuppered when a blast from her not-so-sweet past shows up. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Chuck team up for a scheme regarding Nate and Blair.

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