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Gossip Girl, The CW, Airs Monday 8/7c

Episode: “Seder Anything” (Season 2, Episode 21)

Synopsis: Relationships get more complex this week as Serena returns from Spain a (possibly) married woman, while Blair’s attempts to solidify her place in life and society almost destroy her relationship with Nate. Jenny gives Chuck a wake up call, prompting an unexpected apology and another sign that a heart really beats beneath his hard exterior.

Review: Is Blair really that stupid? Thank God she redeemed herself because right up until the end of that dreadfully social party, I was wondering what had hit her so hard on the head that it knocked everything she’d learned from her tumble from the realm of the socially blessed. To think that manipulating someone would not turn and bite her on the ass after all that was a little bit stupid. Not just a little bit, but an enormous amount. Nate’s grandfather has played the manipulation game for far too long not to have an insurance policy approach, and mutually assured destruction is always a winner. All’s well that ends well though, as Chuck came to her rescue in rather an odd way, preventing yet another knock to her stupid little head. Hopefully the bump won’t cause any more forgetfulness.

Speaking of memory lapses, we had an exemplary incidence of recovering from convenient-short-memory syndrome. Many a TV character has succumbed to this disease, forgetting entire chunks of their history only to resurrect them whenever the plot next calls for the emotion to surface or a subplot to be filled out. Little J managed to do her part admirably here, as someone who managed to go almost two full seasons between being attacked and calling her attacker on it. Considering her family has had plenty of dealings with Chuck, and yes she has exhibited signs of distaste, it was nothing to this week’s venom. Why she chose this week to mention it, who knows, but it shook Chuck up plenty and got him ready for the battle for Blair we’re bound to get next week. After all, what white knight is ready to abandon his fair lady just for being herself? Also, what white knight is that wooden? Nate needs to relax a bit, you’d think that some time with Vanessa would have taught him to breathe a little easier.

Speaking of Vanessa, where was she this week? Won’t she be delighted to hear that Nate, having broken up with her after all the issues about following his own path vs following the path set out by his grandfather, has now decided to go his own way and live his own life. Apparently he can live outside the family confines just fine, once he has Blair there with him.. Maybe Chuck will be called on to console her again, after his excellent performance the last time. Hell, he could even twist it to make Blair jealous and realize she loves him and not Nate!

Over at the party house, AKA the Waldorf apartment, plot development was thrown into chaos as Serena’s urgent conversation with Blair’s lawyer step-father revealed that she had inadvertently (that’s teenage speak for drunkenly) gotten married. To her friend’s ex-boyfriend. Of 3 days. I’ve said before that Serena’s not been acting like herself, but this is just like plastering it all over a billboard and screaming at the top of your lungs in the middle of an cave of echoes. Serena, though impulsive, is not that idiotic. She may sleep with her best friend’s boyfriend, but she won’t marry some strange man…

Ok, the old Serena might have been at risk of marrying a random guy on the spur of the moment, but the new and more matured Serena would never behave in such a ridiculous fashion. Scriptwriters, take note: There’s nothing wrong with a good plot twist to keep the story fresh, but at least make them believable. Keep within the bounds of the character’s plausible behavior!

However, having said all of that, the final moments of the episode cushion what was a highly improbably episode. Did anyone out there watching NOT do a double take? What is going on? Are Poppy and Gabriel in on some scheme together? That’s what it looked like, and Serena has fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Gabriel knew Serena way back during her glory days with Georgina, is there some lingering grudge going on there? How is Poppy involved in all of this? Thank goodness we don’t have to deal with yet another hiatus this week, because this mystery needs explaining sooner rather than later.

Up Next Week: “Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” – An old friend from the past returns as rivalry flares between two lions over one lioness. Meanwhile, Serena’s complex relationship with her pseudo-husband gets even more muddled.

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