Review: Rescue Me – Blackout

After a night of pure binging, Tommy wakes up with zero recollection of what occurred the night before. But that is the least of his worries, because upon his waking, he learns that Colleen has disappeared after spending the night with him. Now it’s a race against the clock for 62 truck to find Colleen before the worst comes to fruition. On top of that, it turns out there is much more to Mickey and Teddy’s master plan for Tommy than anyone expected.

Major developments: There were only two long term developments this week. The first was that Mickey and Teddy lied about being done with Tommy. In fact, they had laced the bottle they gave him in hopes of giving him the worst night of his life. The second, is that it appears that Mickey and Shelia have begun a relationship.

What worked: I sad that last weeks episode was the funniest of the season, and possibly the funniest of the series. Well, this weeks was one of the most dramatic and awkwardly scary. For starters, this was the first time we have ever seen Tommy take his anger out on the ghosts. Now,I know what you’re thinking “but Merrill, he shot everyone with a shot gun last season.” This is true, but we never saw the results of that. As far as we can assume, the bullets just went right through the ghosts. Well, this time we get to watch Tommy beat the holy hell out of Jimmy and Connor. Which brings me to another point, this episode marked the return of the adult ghost of Tommy’s dead son Connor. I really hope he gets more play because he’s a ghost that can really hurt Tommy more than any of the others.

I also really enjoyed the broken down emotional state that Franco and Black Shawn were in. They were more hell bent on finding Colleen than Tommy was. I was just waiting for one of them to take a swing at him. And while both tried, chiefy was right there to hold them back.

Speaking of the Colleen story line, it hit a real peak this week. While the goal was to have Tommy hit rock bottom, I think the plan worked more for Colleen. I can only imagine how the experience of nearly dying in the sand will effect her alcoholism. I really hope it’s over too, because it’s starting to become very hard to watch her character go into the downward spiral she has been in. She is built up to be such a sweet girl from a broken home (as is Katy for that matter), that to see her in that state, it pulls all the right cords. But I don’t want to see her like that anymore.

As for the humor, this episode has plenty. From the worst case of beer goggles I have ever seen portrayed in media, to green puke and a doorman flying through a glass window, to Tommy in a thong (which, my only response to that is, WTF?!), this episode was full of great moments. Maybe it wasn’t the non-stop gut buster that last week was, but it was no slouch when it came to the humor.

What didn’t: I could only think of one thing that sucked, Sean and Mike reached a whole new level of stupidity this week. Like, Shawn Spencer (Psych) level stupidity, and I didn’t like it. If a member of your fire fighter family (which Colleen is by all accounts) is missing… You don’t stop looking because you’re getting free drinks. As for the rest of the episode, if I could gripe about anything, it’s that I would of liked the missing Colleen story line to extend for one more episode. Something like Tommy finding Colleen’s coat floating in the water then the episode cuts, and they find her in another state next week. But that’s why I am not a writer on this show. They did an amazing job this week by all accounts.

Final thoughts: An absolutely brilliant episode that has set up a large number of story lines that will continue well into the rest of the season.

Episode: “’Blackout” (Season 6, Episode 5)

Airs: FX, Tuesdays, 10pm

What’s next: The job gives Tommy cause to worry about his daughter; Colleen requires more extreme measures to straighten out.

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