Hell of a Finish: Thoughts on the ‘House’ Season Six Finale

Editor’s Note: This article contains major spoilers for the most recent season finale of House. Please cease and desist prior to watching said episode, lest ye shall experience spoilage.

Don’t say we never gave you anything.  After a lot of reader response looking for the Film School Rejects opinion, we’re delivering our thoughts on the season six finale of House, a show we don’t normally review.

If there ever was a time to review a single episode of House, it’s this one.

House (Hugh Laurie), Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), and a significant portion of Princeton Plainsborough is called out to the scene of a massive crane collapse which has left dozens injured.  While interviewing the crane operator, who reveals he fell asleep while hopped up on caffeine and coffee, House diagnoses a neurological problem and has him sent back to the team for a full work-up.  Content to leave then, Cuddy convinces House to stay and lend a hand at the accident site.  The grumpy MD discovers Hanna, a woman trapped beneath a collapsed beam in danger of losing her leg.

House juggles helping the team diagnose the crane operator while fending off emergency workers who want to remove Hanna’s leg prematurely.  He caves to the demands of Cuddy to remove the leg after a fight where she insults him and claims she’s done dealing with all his bullshit.  Coupled with her earlier reveal that she’s marrying Lucas. Oh snap.  Or, at least, temporarily ‘oh snap.’

After removing the leg, House enters the ambulance to escort her to the hospital, when suddenly Hanna begins wheezing.  When an attempt to break up a clot in her lungs has no effect, the doctor realizes the amputation has caused an unpreventable and unforeseeable fat embolism. Those in the ambulance can only watch as she passes away.  The events of the day culminate with House back in his apartment, hating his ‘changed’ life.  He saw a therapist who couldn’t help, was asked to move out by his best friend, was dismissed by the woman he loves, and despite doing everything right, lost the life of the only patient he ever created a personal relationship with.  Life seemingly in ruins, Greg smashes a mirror and finds his hidden stash of Vicodin.  Seconds away from falling off the wagon, House is stopped by Cuddy, who’s carrying a bombshell.  She broke it off with Lucas, because despite not wanting to, she loves House.  The pair kiss and the episode ends. Oh Snap.

The first fifteen minutes or so of this episode seemed pretty much like any other episode.  Sure, it’s rare to follow House too far out of the hospital, but him being stubborn and even an accident aren’t that new.  Thankfully, the episode starts to picking up steam as House battles to save the leg of the pinned woman and this creates some real tension.  House has always been a show willing to let characters die or lose limbs, so it’s interesting to wait and see what’s going to happen to her leg.

When not with Hanna, House is engaged with Cuddy.  First, playing games with a gift, then thinking any chance of a relationship is over, and then thinking any chance of even remaining cordial is gone.  Then they’re making out.  Talk about a roller coaster.

Really, we could talk about any part of the episode, but there are only two part that matter.  One, the patient dying when House listens to others and tries to do the right, normal thing.  But this isn’t the first time a patient has died on him, only the first time he kind of cared about it.

So what we have to talk about is House and Cuddy.  Wow.  I think we all thought it would happen at some point, especially after being teased by it throughout season five, but most logically wrote it off this year.  Indeed, there was some immediate internet speculation that the events were a dream.  That would be most disappointing, and most wrong.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Katie Jacobs confirmed that the episode is very real and that next season House and Cuddy will pursue a real relationship – or whatever passes for one between those two.

As a long time fan of House, I’m both excited and a little nervous about the new direction of the show.  I’ve been on board with House nailing being in a relationship with Cuddy for awhile.  I just don’t know how it’s going to translate into multiple seasons.  If season seven was going to be the last one, then maybe I’d be more comfortable as things could end happily.  But will House and Cuddy work in a relationship for a long time?  Over several seasons?  Not sure.

For season seven, one would hope the episodes pick up pretty close to where we left off.  Fast forwarding six months in with Cuddy and House being happy, or not, would be cheap and strange.  This is going to be an interesting relationship, one that we want to see plenty of – though not so much that it overshadows the medical mysteries.

All in all, this episode was great.  The House-Cuddy relationship finally came to a head and the ending was bordering on jaw-dropping.  Unexpected and exciting.  I know I’ll be turning in for season seven this fall.

What do you think of House and Cuddy in a relationship?

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