The FSR Writers Fund

What is the Film School Rejects Writers Fund?

As you know, Film School Rejects is an independently owned and operated website. Which comes with just as many challenges as it does perks. One such challenge is that we can’t pay our wonderful writing staff with the sense of superiority we get to have over film sites with corporate overlords. We also can’t pay them in smiles and hugs. Not for lack of trying, of course.

We do our best every day to reward the contributors of this site as they deserve to be rewarded, but it’s not always ideal. We also have a commitment to maintaining a site that provides 100% free content to our readers. We may place a few ads, but we’ll never charge you to read our site.

We also understand that there might be readers out there who want to do more. We’ve heard from some of you already. So we’ve created The FSR Writers Fund. You can use the PayPal donate button below to donate any amount to our cause. Every single dollar received will be placed into a fund that will go directly to the contributors of Film School Rejects. The people who actually write the content you enjoy on a daily basis. It’s by no means a requirement, and we’re not ones to beg, but if you’d like to help out, who are we to stop you? Any contributions we receive from our beloved readers — be they in the form of feedback, praise or monetary donation — are all equally appreciated.

Thank you.