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Classic movies can sometimes be uncomfortable to watch. Many things that were socially accepted during the Golden Age of Hollywood are not today, and vice versa. And representations and treatment of minorities of race, religion, sexual orientation and gender were often inauthentic — whether because of customary ignorance or concealment. But it’s not just the movies of our grandparents’ era that fit into this idea where we need to consider the times when appreciating cinema, whether it’s awful stereotypes in The Birth of a Nation or marital rape in Marnie or the general villainization of Native Americans for decades. We’re now far enough away from the 1980s that it’s time to reexamine just what we thought was okay and particularly what we found funny back then. Many of the plots of hit comedies from that decade would never fly today. Some of it is leftover political incorrectness and downright racism and sexism, but there have also been cultural and technological changes in the last 25-35 years that make other scenarios dated and maybe even incomprehensible to young viewers now. One element of many 1980s movies that wouldn’t work for modern audiences is all the homophobia employed in insult humor and gags involving gay bars. There was also a huge issue regarding seemingly innocent, mostly non-physical sexual assault back then, from ghosts and super-powered guys peeping on and stripping unsuspecting women to more common non-supernatural forms of voyeurism. Hollywood could easily remake many of the movies guilty of those issues and leave out […]


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If you had to vote for one John Hughes movie to get the remake treatment which one would it be? The obvious answer is Curly Sue, but it looks like we have to wait on that one as a less obvious candidate has actually been green-lit. Universal Pictures and producer Joel Silver are moving forward with a Weird Science remake, and I just want to assure you that this news has not and will not rape your childhood. Hughes really only has two untouchable films in his canon, and this is not one of them. No cast or director announcements yet, but the film is set to be R-rated with Michael Bacall handling script duties. Bacall’s last film, 21 Jump Street, was also an R-rated ’80s reboot and one of the rare remakes that gets it right by honoring the original source material while still feeling fresh. It doesn’t hurt that the movie is ridiculously funny as well. Of course, Bacall’s resume also includes an R-rated stinker in the the form of Project X…



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s the nightly movie news column you need right now. It doesn’t care what you want. It knows what you need. We begin tonight with some news about The Dark Knight Rises, a film that has not been mentioned in this column for quite some time. We missed the part where it was going to Occupy Wall Street and skipped ahead to the good stuff: like the confirmation of a TDKR proluge showing with 70mm IMAX prints of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol when it hits theaters on December 16. That’s awesome.



The man who brought us everything from The Breakfast Club to Ferris Bueller to Home Alone died today at the age of 59. What’s your favorite Hughes film?

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