Film Jockeys 9 - Through the Portal

What happens when a legendary film critic brings is geriatric crankiness to an internet movie show? Film Jockeys follows the adventures of Carl Barker, his far-too-young production staff, the filmmakers and the movie characters that inhabit their world. Written and illustrated by Derek Bacon, it’s the perfect webcomic for passionate film fans who also desperately want to see a Portal movie. For your consideration, Episode #9:


J.J. Abrams

Some pretty big movie news came out of the 2013 DICE Summit today. Why did talk suddenly turned to film during an event that’s generally thought of as a summit for video game companies? Because Bad Robot head J.J. Abrams took the stage with game developer Valve’s co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell in order to lead a discussion about storytelling. This wasn’t just some casual discussion of video games and movies and how they sort of intersect because they both tell narratives though. Oh no, Abrams and Newell had announcements to make. Not content just to revamp Star Trek and Star Wars for entirely new generations, Abrams and his Bad Robot company are now preparing to tackle the age-old question, “Why has nobody been able to pull off making a half-way decent video game movie?” The film discussion first started when Abrams announced that, “there’s an idea for a game that we’d really like to work with Valve on,” a remark to which Newell then added, “we’re super excited about that and we also want to talk about making movies, either a Portal movie or a Half-Life movie.” So, that’s it in a nutshell. Not only is Bad Robot talking with Valve about making some sort of video game in the future, but they’re also talking about developing movie versions of two of their biggest game franchises. Getting a big name, quality director who runs a production company with a good track record interested in a popular video game […]


ptop - Half-life Dreamcast

Last week I tackled Portal; and the response was interesting. While I’d love to see Portal as a movie — that was really an intro-session into the Valve universe, and a step toward discussing my next Pixel to Projector nominee — Half-life. Almost anyone that is a fan of first person shooters has a soft Spot for Valve Software’s launch title — and with good reason. The ever silent Dr. Gordon Freeman is iconic in the gaming community, as are many of the characters that fill his world. From Vortigaunts, The Combine, Alyx Vance, the ever present Headcrabs, and of course — the mysterious G-Man — Half-life is rich with characters and situations ripe for transition to the big screen.


PtoP - Portal Dreamcast

The cake is a lie. Anyone who is a fan of puzzles, sentient computers that can kill you, and guns that create inter-spatial portals — well, you’ll dig Portal. In 2007 Valve gave gamers an exceedingly unique playing experience by not only tying our brains in knots with deeply involved gameplay that required significant forethought, but did so with the kind of suspense, pacing, and twisted humor that lends to a strong Pixel to Projector candidate.

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