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Let’s be honest: this current run of South Park has been okay. Nowhere near the level of quality that the show was at before the 200/201 fiasco of last year, but certainly above the sub-par stories we were getting in the last fall run right after the 200/201 fiasco. But the slump might be over, because this past episode was one of the best pieces of story telling Matt & Trey have ever delivered to the show.



It’s just another day in the town of South Park, well except for the fact that the Marsh household has been overrun by the not so great cooking of the now Food Channel-obsessed Randy. Things take a turn for the worse when Randy’s obsession causes him to leave his old job and take a position and the one place that will ruin Stan’s life forever. In an attempt to save her marriage, Sharon decides to start bettering her appearance with the purchase of a Shake Weight. But the voice assistance model has much more sinister plans for Mrs. Marsh. And in an attempt to destroy Randy’s obsession, the boys accidentally set into motion the biggest cook-off of all time. By episodes end, the truth shall reveal itself in all its Crème Fraiche goodness.



The year was 1999 and South Park was the thing to watch that would really piss your parents off. The show was in the heyday of its controversial content, and displayed no signs of slowing down. A group of four nine year olds had changed the face of television forever. The only question was, where would they go from there? Show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker answered the question that summer with the movie version, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. The movie was expected to preform OK, and meet critical pan across the board. But instead the film became a major financial success and was met with impossible to predict praise that even the Academy recognized. Unlike most TV to movie adaptations, this film didn’t just deliver a ninety minute episode with saltier language. No, what Matt & Trey did was something so amazingly out of left field, that all anyone could to was sit back and enjoy.



The final installment in the Coon & Friends trilogy has begun with the destruction of earth. Cartman and Cthulhu have begun their mission to rid the world of… well, anything that pisses Cartman off. And it’s up to the original Coon & Friends to stop him. But before they can, Cartman gets a leg up on them that no one could have foreseen. Ken… Mysterion will also try and learn the truth behind his power, and when all is said and done, the meaning behind his “gift” will be revealed. Oh, and Justin Bieber may or may not be taken out for good…



Picking up right where we left off, The Coon is headed to New Orleans to fight the evil Cthulhu, but when he gets their it turns out his intentions weren’t as pure as one would believe. Back in the quiet town of South Park, Coon & Friends are selling lemon bars to help the fight against Cthulhu and hopefully save the world. But things take an unexpected turn when Mysterion’s true identity is revealed, and the deep dark secret he has kept inside for so long is brought to the surface.


South Park The Coon

The Coon has returned and this time he’s not alone. This time The Coon has begun a superhero union known as The Coon & Friends. But all is not well when a new superhero appears, impinging on the gangs territory. Now it’s up to The Coon to either get this new superhero to join the union, or stop him dead in his tracks. But while all that’s going on, a much bigger problem has begun threatening earth. And with the worlds greatest hero out of commission, it’s up to The Coon & Friends to bring balance to earth before it’s too late.



Stan has a problem. A very messy problem. Stan Marsh is… I, I can’t even say it because it’s too painful. But it turns out Stan isn’t the only one in South Park Elementary suffering from the problem. So in a last ditch effort to cure them, a professional brings them in for psycho-dream therapy. But things go awry when the other subject’s dream sucks Stan into his own. Now it’s up to Stan to solve the problem of the subjects sub-conscience before the dream collapses. But not before some more dream experts are brought in. Oh, and some fire fighters too. Also, the ultimate dream warrior is called in to save the day when it all goes to hell.



A plague has begun spreading across the United States. No, the  SARS virus hasn’t returned. The Jersyites have begun a take over of the entire eastern United States and South Park is the next target on the list. Now it’s up to Randy, Jimbo, Mackey and the rest of the adults to stop the take over before it’s too late. Kyle will also be forced to face a demon that has been living inside of him since the day he was born. And this demon will not only affect him, but it will also change the state of his family forever. And Cartman will finally put a stop to the three J devil known as Kyle Broflovski.



It’s another week in the town of South Park and Mr. Garrison has assigned the class an essay on what they want to be when they grow up. This however sends Cartman on an emotion tail spin because the thing he wants to be when he grows up is unachievable, a Nascar driver. Now why is it unachievable you ask? Well isn’t it obvious, it’s because Cartman isn’t poor and stupid enough to be a Nascar driver. But that isn’t going to stop this determined nine year old from achieving his dream, and maybe pick up some corporate sponsorships along the way.

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