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What is Movie News After Dark DRINKING? It’s what happens when Neil leaves and Kate Erbland and I joke about me doing this column drunk and then don’t realize that’s probably a bad idea until the next day. So hello and welcome to maybe the only installment ever of Movie News After Drinking, brought to you by Old Crow Bourbon. Old Crow Make it a Double! (Note: We should get paid for this). I think my introduction needs to be longer before I put that page break thing here and before I get fired for making a mockery of this column. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance came out today and it should come as little surprise that most people hate the movie. Our boy Jack Giroux reviews the flick over at TheFilmStage where he politely points out that Jerry Springer jokes are old enough to be getting paternity tests themselves (that means they’re like 15 years old).



We continue our journey through a month of frightening, bloody and violent films. For more, check out our 31 Days of Horror homepage. Synopsis: Where do you take Jason when he’s already been through the woods all the way to New York City? Why you take him to space, of course! In the distant future, Voorhees and his most recent victim are resurrected by advanced technology. Not one to care about details like the year or where the hell he is, Jason immediately begins dismembering people.



Despite the fact that their plates are pretty full already, director Patrick Lussier and his co-writer Todd Farmer are chomping at the bit to get the opportunity to make Halloween 3. In a chat with MTV, the duo have said that once their insane dive into 3D with Nic Cage, Drive Angry 3D, gets it’s home release, and they get through work on a reboot of the Hellraiser franchise, a continuation of the new Halloween franchise that director Rob Zombie started is next on their wish list. “We would love it to go through,” Lussier said. “We would make that the second somebody said, ‘Yes, go make it,’ because it’s a script that we love and a script we’re really passionate about and it’s an amazing character and an incredible franchise, and it would just be a great experience for us to go back to the roots.”



William Fichtner needs no introduction. He’s headed a sting operation against Ecstasy dealers, had Heath Ledger shove a grenade in his mouth, and now with Drive Angry, he plays a mysterious figure that’s short on talk and big on results. Especially if those results involve a baseball bat and the oh-so-fragile human skull. The Accountant is bound to be an iconic character in the same vein as Pulp Fiction‘s Winston “The Wolf” Wolfe. He’s an unflinching hunter not bound by the laws of this world (or the laws of physics), and Fichtner delivers the usual acting power that he’s known and applauded for. Fortunately, Fichtner was nice enough to take time out to speak with me about the role, his love of cars, and what KC and the Sunshine Band has to do with demons from Hell.



I’ve been fortunate enough to see every single picture from Drive Angry because I’ve seen the movie, and it’s about as fun a ride as you can imagine. The 3D is gimmicky and wonderful, the story is on a hellbent mission, and William Fichtner creates a character that will live forever as an icon. He, however, is not the main focus of these new pics from the movie. That focus happens to be Amber Heard in Daisy Dukes. The marketers know what they’re doing. Enjoy the new pics intermingled with some old favorites:



When the calendar page turns to October, we Rejects have only one thought: horror. To celebrate this grandest and darkest of months, we’ll cover one excellent horror film a day for the entirety of the month. That’s 31 Days of Horror and 31 Films perfect for viewing on a dark, chilly, October night. If you, like us, love horror and Halloween, give us a Hell Yeah and keep coming every day this month for a new dose of adrenaline. Synopsis: Local Tom Harringer returns to his hometown after a long absence following an accidental mine collapse he caused, that set of a chain of events that lead to his father brutally murdering 22 people. Now, on the anniversary of the massacre, a man dressed as a miner is terrorizing the town, Tom, and everyone he holds dear. Killer Scene: The Miner does his best to ruin a lot of people’s days and does a good job of it. There are a few moments where his kills are cheer worthy – though some might also cheer at the fully nude 3D sex scene. My bid for the best moment comes shortly after that (and a pair of kills) when the diminutive motel keeper comes to investigate some strange noises and ends up catching a pick-axe to the chin which drives her into a ceiling light which then electrocutes her as well.



Apparently concerns that the new Hellraiser was going to be PG-13 were either 1) prematurely false or b) spot on and in major conflict with the duo tapped to make the film. That duo is going to be director Patrick Lussier and screenwriter Todd Farmer (who you may remember from being naked in movies like My Bloody Valentine 3D and from your nightmares afterward). Both are just finishing up Drive Angry 3D, and this will most likely be a project that Farmer jumps into immediately while Lussier directs Halloween 3(D?): No More Zombie. Oddly enough, Lussier was the editor for a short a few years back called No More Souls: One Last Slice of Sensation which actually featured Pinhead in a world where mankind was gone, he was bored and immortal, and he chose to open the puzzle box himself. [STYD]



Director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer have joined 3-Dimensional forces again for the driver from hell revenge road flick, Drive Angry. The film stars Nic Cage as a man escaped from Hell on the hunt for those that killed his daughter and kidnapped his grandchild for a ritual slaughter. He’s only got a limited amount of time to catch them before the baby gets killed or The Accountant (William Fichtner) catches up to him and drags him back to hell. Also along for the ride is mega-hottie Amber Heard. The footage we saw was pretty awesome and can basically be summed up as “Nic Cage Blows up Cars with Shotguns” as he blows up or otherwise destroys something like five cars, most of them with a shotgun.  The effects weren’t finished yet (the clip was hurriedly put together for SDCC), but it was still impressive. The 3D was very deep in some areas, with the hoods of cars seemingly parking in your lap before exploding. Lussier told us that virtually all of what we were seeing was practical, metal on metal action, with Cage and Fichtner behind the wheels for real. Also of interest was the revelation of the “God killer” gun, a weapon used to kill demons, and presumably gods, that Cage steals from Hell to use on his quest for revenge. On the Reject Radio podcast last Sunday, I made the prediction that we would see one cast member butt naked in the film and put my […]



Look kids! It’s a remake of the Steve Zahn/Paul Walker vehicle Joyride! Not really. I just wanted to make a pun.



Welcome to the life of Bruce Wayne, Jr aka Todd Farmer. The screenwriter of My Bloody Valentine checks in for Part 2 of our Seventy-Four Part Interview.



Sharpen up the pick axe and strap on your hard hat, it’s about to get bloody, violent, and hellishly entertaining – and in three dimensions!


Todd Farmer and My Bloody Valentine

In Part One of our Seventy-Four Part Interview with screenwriter Todd Farmer, we get to the bottom of Horror Remakes and the 3D experiment.


Milla for Clocktower

Could Milla Jovovich be headed toward making a low-rent version of Resident Evil?

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published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015

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