The Wicker Man

Lost In Translation Hotel

The release of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel has me ready for a vacation. Preferably one where I don’t have to sleep with Ralph Fiennes. Fortuantely, a century of movies has offered a reasonable amount of alternatives by way of postcard porn. On the lam, on the case or on holiday, there are a lot of films that take us away from our normal lives and into the sweet embrace of resort living — in places real and fictitious. Since it’s the weekend, let’s all grab some sunglasses and an animal mask for a little virtual getaway.


Reservoir Dogs

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Blazing Saddles Horse Punch

So I was watching the film The Descendants, and I couldn’t help but to laugh my ass off when the grandfather points to Nick Krause’s dumb-ass character and says “I’m going to hit you.” – Then, without any room for discussion he proves to be a man of his word. It got me thinking about some of the other great comedic punches out there, and soon enough I was assigning my wonder into list form. Violence and comedy together at last!



Opening in select theaters tomorrow and currently available on Video on Demand, Kill List is a clever little film from writer/director Ben Wheatley that’s been garnering a good bit of attention around the ol’ internet. It follows the journey of hitman Jay (Neil Maskell) and his buddy Gal (Michael Smiley) as they take on a contract to kill three men. As you might guess, things don’t go entirely smoothly. If you haven’t yet seen Kill List, you should probably stop reading, go see it, and then come back. You should watch it. It’s good. Don’t read anything else about it. Ignore everything you’ve heard, just walk into it blind and experience it. If you’ve already seen the movie, read on, or if you need extra convincing, read on, but for best results, see it with as little foreknowledge as possible.



We covered The Wicker Man earlier for 31 Days of Horror, and we consider it a public service to those who may believe that the Nic Cage bad-fest was the original incarnation of the story. However, to make matters more confusing, someone out there has decided to make a sequel to the original (and not a sequel to The Wicker Bees). We repeat: this is a sequel to the original Christopher Lee, sex-crazed, flower child fear of the 70s. It is not Nic Cage trying to make a sequel to a movie no on liked. Now with even more Christopher Lee, but probably with less of his hair.



When the calendar page turns to October, we Rejects have only one thought: horror. To celebrate this grandest and darkest of months, we’ll cover one excellent horror film a day for the entirety of the month. That’s 31 Days of Horror and 31 Films perfect for viewing on a dark, chilly, October night. If you, like us, love horror and Halloween, give us a Hell Yeah and keep coming every day this month for a new dose of adrenaline. Synopsis: Alerted to the disappearance of a young girl, staunch Catholic Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) arrives at Summerisle off the coast of Scotland to investigate. The island is overseen by Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee), who acts as a shepherd for a flock of citizens that adhere to a system of ancient pagan beliefs that celebrate sexual fertility and mankind’s connection with nature. The progressive attitude of the island not only challenges Howie’s faith in what he believes, but also his investigation as the mystery of the girl’s disappearance and the motivation behind it seems to thicken at every turn.



You may not recognize the name, but you should recognize the face. Another great actor lost this year.



At his ‘Knowing’ press conference we learned that, when it comes to the movie and the issues it raises, Nicolas Cage cares most of all about what you think.

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